Camino for G8 & G81 Female

Camino for G8 & G81 Female

Camino is a cute girl in her middle TEENAGE years. She has been loved by her friends for her empathy and is always helping other people. With her soft skin and subtle expression she may be found attractive. Camino comes with a handsculpted morph-expression to work well with both G8 and G8.1 Female. As she is custom sculpted you only need the G8F or G8.1 base figure for her to work. NO other morphs or package is required. You can apply the included full character preset or the separate head- and body-shape preset.

Included Morph/ Shape (INJ) Presets:
- Full Character Camino G8 (With Shape and Skin)
- Full Character Camino G8.1 (With Shape and Skin)

- Apply/Rem Camino TeenBody Shape
- Apply/Rem Camino Head
- Apply/Rem Camino Expression
- Apply Long Lashes Camino G8
- Apply Long Lashes Camino G8.1
- Apply Medium Lashes Camino G8
- Apply Medium Lashes Camino G8.1
- REM long lashes
- Apply/ Rem Navel
- 1 Full Skin preset + Lashes Mats G8
- 1 Full Skin preset + Lashes Mats G8.1
- 2 Skin Gloss presets
- 2 SSS (translucency) presets for lighter/darker skintone
- Normals ON / OFF

BROWS L.I.E.(Layered):
- 5 colours LIE-Brows (Default colour Included)
- 1 LIE Remove Brows
EYES & Lashes:
- 7 Eye Colours
- 3 Eye Reflex Options: Low, Medium, High
- 2 Lashes Materials Camino G8 + Base Mats G8F
- 2 Lashes Materials Camino G8.1 + Base Mats G8.1F

MakeUp and Shimmer:
- 10 Eye Shadows
- 5 Add Shimmer Colour + Remove
- 1 Shimmer REMOVE
- 4 Blusher LIE
- 2 Eyeliner LIE
- 1 Add Freckles LIE
- 1 Remove MakeUp

FACE-Overlays: (You can combine Overlay and MakeUp)
10 Face Overlay Presets
1 Remove Overlay

- Natural Lips
- 10 Lip Colours
- 5 Metallic Shimmer Colour + Remove
- 3 Gloss-Options

Required product/software:
Genesis 8 Female Base or Genesis 8.1 Female Base (Free with DAZ Studio at
DAZ Studio 4.10 / 4.15 + with iray

Note: Camino 8 and 8.1 uses the Female Base UV set.
For the Lashes are different textures used on Camino 8 and 8.1 Female.

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Female

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