Chroma for LaFemme2

Chroma for LaFemme2

On the planet of Greyoria, color was a forbidden concept. The government had strict laws in place that prohibited any form of color, and those who dared to defy it were deemed as rebels and faced severe punishment. In this dull and monochromatic world, there was one rebel who stood out above the rest – a young woman named Chroma.

Chroma had always been fascinated by color. Ever since she was a child, she would sneak out of her grey and white home to explore the nearby forests, marveling at the vibrant hues of the flowers and the bright blue sky. She couldn't understand why color was considered dangerous and was determined to find a way to bring it back to her planet.

As she grew older, Chroma became more rebellious and was wanted throughout the galaxy for her acts of defiance. She had a secret weapon – a paint gun that she had stolen from a forbidden art museum. This gun contained all the colors of the universe, and Chroma would use it to bring life to the dull and lifeless world of Greyoria.

She would travel to different planets, sneaking past security and using her paint gun to color buildings, streets, and even the grey and white uniforms of the officers. Everywhere she went, she left a trail of vibrant colors behind her, much to the dismay of the authorities.

Chroma became somewhat of a legend, with people whispering about her bravery and her mission to bring back color to Greyoria. She was always one step ahead of the authorities, leaving them puzzled and frustrated by her actions.

But one day, Chroma's luck ran out. She was captured by the government's elite forces and brought before the Supreme Leader – a stern and unyielding man who saw color as a threat to their way of life.

'You are a criminal, Chroma,' the Supreme Leader said, his voice laced with contempt. 'You have defied our laws and caused chaos throughout the galaxy. What do you have to say for yourself?'

Chroma stood tall and proud, her paint gun still in her hand. 'I did it because I believe that color is not something to be feared, but to be celebrated. It brings joy, beauty, and diversity to our world. Can't you see that, Supreme Leader?'

The Supreme Leader scoffed. 'Color only brings chaos and disorder. It is a distraction from our true purpose – to maintain order and unity on Greyoria.'

But Chroma refused to back down. With a fierce determination, she aimed her paint gun at the Supreme Leader and sprayed him with a rainbow of colors. The room erupted into a frenzy as the Supreme Leader stumbled back, covered in bright hues.

Chroma used the distraction to escape, and with the help of her allies, she managed to evade capture once again. But this time, her message had been heard loud and clear. The people of Greyoria began to question the government's laws, and protests broke out throughout the planet.

In the end, the Supreme Leader was overthrown, and color was finally allowed on Greyoria. Chroma's actions had sparked a revolution, and she became a hero to the people. She continued to travel the galaxy, using her paint gun to bring color to other worlds and spreading the message that diversity and individuality should be celebrated, not suppressed.

And finally, after years of being a rebel, Chroma had found her true purpose – to bring color to a colorless world and to fight for what she believed in.

Chroma for LaFemme2 includes a set of "space buns" with two tail extensions - high and low, a dynamic dress and pair of conforming thigh high boots, a Color Gun prop and ten poses.

High tails have the following morphs:

Left Tail Curl Back
Left Tail Curl Back2
Left Tail Curl Front
Left Tail Curl Front2
Left Tail Curl Out
Left Tail Curl Out2
Left Tail Bottom Bigger
Right Tail Curl Back
Right Tail Curl Back2
Right Tail Curl Front
Right Tail Curl Front2
Right Tail Curl Out
Right Tail Curl Out2
Right Tail Bottom Bigger

Compatible figures: La Femme

Software: Poser Pro 11, Poser 12, Poser 13

Compatible figures: 
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