Ancient Persian Clothing - Marvelous Designer Projects

Ancient Persian Clothing - Marvelous Designer Projects

This is a Marvelous Designer project - The Basic Ancient Persian Clothing Set - The Marvelous Designer Application Is Required.

The "Ancient Persian Basic Garment Set" consists of the five elements of most male and female clothing. It includes:

- the "shalvar" (sometimes known as "harem pants" in the West),
- the simple "quisma" or sleeveless shirt
- the "Kandu" - a three-quarter-length over coat
- the "kamerband" for the kandu, and
- a simple form of "sarband" or cloth headress.

Two "trim" objects, a bead and three cloth ties for the shoulder of the quisma are included.

The general shapes and fit of these clothing pieces are common to most male and female clothing of the Archaemenid Empire. However, the materials and decorations for these pieces varied a great deal. The materials for working men and women would have been made of relatively coarse, cotton and wool cloth and have no decoration. People of high rank could have silks and brocade, and their clothing is widely reported to have included many pearls sewn to the kandu. Summer wear would use light materials, but the same clothing in wool would be used for the winter.

This package includes a set of reference pictures taken from the stone carvings of the Archaemenid buildings and drawings made by historians. It also includes a glossary that describes the most common forms of clothing of the Archaemenidian and Sasanian periods, compiled from various written histories. You should use these garments as a starting point, and then apply suitable materials and decorations to them, depending on your intentions for your characters.

This clothing set is sized and designed for the Poser L' Homme figure, for the generic Daz male figure. It can be used for any male character made in Cinema 4D, Blender, Maya, Max or other programs. Two optional PBR material sets - the light green striped silk cloth and the darker green brocade cloth are included. Any cloth materials can be applied to the final product, as shown in some of the example pictures here.

If you have never used the Marvelous Designer application to make clothing for your characters, please be encouraged to try building your own clothing for your Ancient Persians. Using this garment set, you should find that you can apply and modify this clothing successfully for your own Poser or Daz figures with about two to four hour's of learning, even if you have never before used Marvelous Designer. You can download a free 30-day trial of the Marvelous Designer application by registering on the web site for the program. I have included links to some excellent free tutorials for the program in the Readme file.

Software: Marvelous Designer

Requirements:  Marvelous Designer

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio