Panzer Crew

Panzer Crew

Historically accurate and highly detailed conforming uniform, with equipment and headgear included to reproduce the german panzer uniform of World War Two, black, fieldgray and camo worn by the Heer and Waffen SS in combat.


Conforming figures:

- Jacket
- pants
- ankle boots
- boots
- 3 belts, troop, officer and officer SS
- binoculars
- binoculars, looking trough
- 9 Shoulder straps, troop, NCOs and officers
- collar tabs heer (skulls)
- collar tabs SS (runes and ranks)
- Knight Cross (collar)
- helmet
- tie
- Headphones
- Headphones down on the neck
- Throat microphone
- cuff title
- M43 field cap

props :

- Binocualrs Hand
- MP40 machine pistol
- P08 Luger pistol
- Luger holster
- MP 40 pouch
- medals : Iron Cross, wounded badge, close combat clasp, panzer assault badge, Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon
- 4 visor caps, Heer troop (parade) and officer, Waffen SS troop (parade) and officer
- SS left collar rank pins

poses :

- M4 hide and unhide body parts under clothing
- 2 MAT poses black and brown ankle boots
- 2 MAT poses troop belt buckle, Heer and SS
- MAT poses M40 tunic insigna
- 24 MAT poses jacket and pants, black fieldgrey, leather, and all german army camouflage
- 25 MAT poses fieldgrey, black and all german army camouflage
- 13 MAT poses for sleeve ranks fieldgrey and black
- 15 MAT poses SS collar tabs ranks, runes and skulls
- 3 MAT poses helmet decals, Heer, SS and hide
- 2 MAT poses grey and black shirt
- 10 Michael 4 various poses
- 2 hand poses Michael 4 holding the MP40 and the Luger pistol

included camouflage listing for jacket, pants and M43:
Blurred Fall
Blurred Spring
Oak Blurred
Oak Fall
Oak Spring
Oak Spring (variant)
Palm Fall
Palm Spring
Plane Tree Fall
Plane Tree Spring
Sumpf (Swamp splinter)
Sumpf (Swamp splinter, variant)

NOTE : if you like the product please purchase to support development, there will be an expansion with more accessories and uniforms : more headgear, goggles, gloves, U-boat leather tunic, winter uniform, jerrycan, shells, camo textures for the soviet overall, etc... A tiger tank is also in progress.

Software: Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio