Digital Nature

Digital Nature

Ken Gilliland is a seasoned artist and has been involved with Poser and Daz Studio since the early years. He is at the forefront of modeling, rigging, and texturing some of nature’s greatest wonders and is passionate about educating about the environment through his artwork and 3D models.

In Digital Nature, learn about Ken’s history in creating Poser and Daz Studio content and discover key points from his workflow, including how he creates layered transparencies for his bird models to provide realistic texturing for his work.

This 3-hour tutorial pack includes 2 MP4 videos that are searchable and include captions.


- Ken's history as a digital artist — going all the way back to Sketcher in the early 80s
- His typical workflow with Modo, Poser, Daz Studio, and Painter
- How his Wacom Intuos is his most essential work tool
- How he provides depth for feathers on creating the texture maps
- Why Ken works on 2 projects at once
- Valued advice for freelance artists
- Top advice for creating promotional art
- About Ken’s best selling products

Bonus Tutorial: Digital Gardens (hosted by Tiffanie Grey)

This community workshop tutorial has a range of artists sharing utilities, tips, and artwork to create natural environments. It includes:

- Tree and ivy generators
- How to create Billboards for Daz Studio
- A demonstration of Flowscape
- Various recommended assets from the Daz 3D store to create garden scenes
- Artwork created with Daz Studio, Carrara, Photoshop, and VUE

Sampler Video

About Ken Gilliland

“As an artist, I do 4 things: oils on canvas (social commentary), drawings of national parks, photography of birds and California native plants, and 2D/3D digital work (primarily nature).

I began doing programming and 2D digital art in the mid-1980s with a TI-99/4a. I added 3D art to my arsenal in the late 1990s.

Today, I work with Poser, Daz Studio, Modo, and Painter.

My art has been featured in film, TV, games, print, advertising, and scientific and museum presentations.

I’m also an inductee into the TI-99/4a Hall of fame!”

About Digital Art Live

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What's Included and Features

  • Digital Nature : Searchable tutorial with captions
  • Duration : 1 hour and 43 minutes (.MP4)
    • 00:00 introduction
    • 00:02 Part 1 - Ken's Background and his four visions
    • 00:04 Traditional media background
    • 00:09 Starting with digital art
    • 00:11 Early Poser work
    • 00:14 Texture packs for frogs
    • 00:15 Songbird creations then and now
    • 00:20 Lizard content
    • 00:23 Ken's garden providing inspiration and photo references
    • 00:27 Photo references compared to final 3D model product illustrations
    • 00:32 Q & A Segment
    • 00:34 Part 2 - Modeling in Modo : Kiwi model
    • 00:37 Adding to the model
    • 00:40 UVs and transparencies
    • 00:42 Using Painter
    • 00:44 The Kiwi model back in Poser
    • 00:45 Macro cameras in Poser : using the Hither dial
    • 00:48 Kiwi transparency maps - why use multiple maps for layering
    • 00:51 Q&A on texturing and modeling
    • 00:54 Modeling software - which works for you?
    • 00:57 Transparencies and rigging
    • 00:59 Creating the DAZ Studio based models
    • 01:03 Part 3 - Being a Freelance Artist
    • 01:05 Using 3D digital art for producing lenticulars on guitars
    • 01:07 Art for TED presentations and record albums
    • 01:08 Using an agent and word of mouth for marketing
    • 01:13 Part 4 - Constructing a scene for promotional art (in Poser)
    • 01:21 Salamanders and game birds (California Quail)
    • 01:25 Using inverse kinetics for posing
    • 01:30 Composition : Getting closer with the camera
    • 01:33 Thinking about thumbnails
    • 01:35 Q&A : Protecting artwork and promo work
    • 01:39 Over 1000 bird models created!
    • 01:44 Close
  • Digital Gardens : Searchable tutorial with captions
  • Duration : 1 hour and 12 minutes (.MP4)
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 00:01 Julia Green : Designing artwork for a Monopoly game box illustration
    • 00:04 Tiffanie : PD Tree Generator
    • 00:09 Twisted brush Tree Studio
    • 00:13 Bob Keck : artwork created with VUE and DAZ Studio
    • 00:15 Ted Murphy : artwork created with Carrara
    • 00:16 Creating tree model assets in Carrara
    • 00:18 Karen Williams : "The Last Garden" in DAZ Studio
    • 00:20 Ivy generator - how to install and use
    • 00:27 Bringing in Ivy scene assets into DAZ Studio
    • 00:28 Orlando Rivera : artwork and animation nature scenes
    • 00:35 Ken Gilliland : Natural assets inspired from the island of Hawaii
    • 00:38 Using the Ecosystem tool in VUE to generate natural scenes
    • 00:40 Tiffanie Grey : demonstration of FlowScape
    • 00:45 About Importing OBJ models into Flowscape
    • 00:47 Animating in Flowscape
    • 00:48 How to create billboards (PD Howler)
    • 00:53 Bringing billboards into DAZ Studio
    • 00:57 Assets from the DAZ 3D store for "digital gardens"
    • 01:04 Leyla Munteanu : artwork rendered by DAZ Studio
    • 01:12 Close

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install