Easy Shape Master - Age Control and Shape Tuning for Genesis 9

Easy Shape Master - Age Control and Shape Tuning for Genesis 9

Do you want to adjust the shape of Genesis 9-based characters? Make them younger or older? A more muscular or a chubby body shape? Adjust the chest in relation to the age group?

Are you tired of dialing in and adjusting dozens of morphs to get what you want? This product takes over this work for you and makes the needed adjustments to the character's shape.

Choose from age presets and use the wide selection of included dials to adjust the appearance of the shape and fine tune it to get the shape you like.

The presets for age and body shaping are only suggestions what we thought a character would look like at this age.

Feel free to use the dials manually to get the results you want.

Age dials can be mixed with the body-tuning dials (chubbiness, muscularity, etc.) so you can have, for instance, a boy with strong muscularity or a chubby older woman, etc. There are almost endless possibilities to mix and match the controls.

This add on works-best with Genesis 9 base figures without any other morphs/shapes applied. However the controls work with any Genesis 9-based character, so you can turn Michael 9 or Victoria 9 into a teen for instance.

You can also make any shape more muscular, etc. in relation to their default shape.

Included are also other adjustment morphs, like Nose Shape Variation, Chest/Breasts Adjustments, and more.

Your settings can be saved as shape presets for later use.

Please note that the actual effect of the controls may vary depending what character you are using and what other morphs/controls/shape presets are used/dialed in as well.

If not stated differently, the displayed figures in the promos are using the base masculine or base feminine morph in combination with the Easy Shape Master morphs only.

What's Included and Features

  • Easy Shape Master for Genesis 9: (DUF)
  • Shape Presets:
    • Young Teen Girl
    • Teen Girl
    • Older Teen Girl
    • Young Woman
    • Adult Woman
    • Middle Aged Woman
    • Older Woman
    • Old Woman
    • Young Teen Boy
    • Teen Boy
    • Older Teen Boy
    • Young Man
    • Adult Man
    • Middle Aged Man
    • Older Man, Old Man
    • Base Feminine
    • Base Masculine
    • Neutral
    • Reset Easy Shape Master
  • Morph Dials:
    • Arms Length Adjust
    • Belly Shape
    • Belly Smooth
    • Body Feminine Chubby
    • Body Feminine Muscular
    • Body Feminine Old
    • Body Feminine Old Proportions
    • Body Feminine Stocky
    • Body Feminine Thin
    • Body Feminine Young
    • Body Feminine Young Proportions
    • Body Height Adjust
    • Body Masculine Chubby
    • Body Masculine Muscular
    • Body Masculine Old
    • Body Masculine Old Proportions
    • Body Masculine Stocky
    • Body Masculine Thin
    • Body Masculine Young
    • Body Masculine Young Proportions
    • Breasts Gone (F)
    • Breasts Gone Body Old CBS
    • Breasts Gone Body Young CBS
    • Breasts Larger (F)
    • Breasts Smaller (F)
    • Brows Sides Smoothing
    • Cheeks Shape Smaller
    • Collar Bone Shape
    • Collar Smooth (M)
    • Eyes Size Larger
    • Face Variation 1-3
    • Feet Lengh Adjust
    • Feet Size Adjust
    • Feminine Body Chubby Detail
    • Feminine Body Muscular Detail
    • Feminine Body Old CBS1
    • Feminine Body Old Detail
    • Feminine Body Stocky Detail
    • Feminine Body Thin Detail
    • Feminine Body Young Detail CBS1
    • Feminine Body Young Detail CBS2
    • Feminine BodyYoung Detail
    • Feminine Head Old Detail
    • Feminine Head Young Detail
    • Feminine Old
    • Feminine Old Proportions
    • Feminine Young
    • Feminine Young Proportions
    • Hands Size Adjust
    • Head Feminine Old
    • Head Feminine Young
    • Head Feminine Young Proportions
    • Head Masculine Old
    • Head Masculine Young
    • Head Masculine Young Proportions
    • Head Size Adjust
    • Kids Teeth
    • Legs Length Adjust
    • Masculine Body Chubby Detail
    • Masculine Body Muscular Detail
    • Masculine Body Old Detail
    • Masculine Body Stocky Detail
    • Masculine Body Thin Detail
    • Masculine Body Young Detail
    • Masculine Head Old Detail
    • Masculine Head Young Detail
    • Masculine Old
    • Masculine Old Proportions
    • Masculine Young
    • Masculine Young Proportions
    • Navel Size Adjust
    • Neck Length Adjust
    • Neck Skin Fold Smoothing (Old Shape)
    • Neck Volume Adjust
    • Nose Tip Variation 1-3
    • Nose Variation 1-4
    • Pectorals Developed (M)
    • Pectorals Undeveloped (M)
    • Pectorals Undeveloped Smoothing (M)
  • Scripts:
    • Info

Required Products:

Genesis 9 Starter Essentials

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 9

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.21

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install