Face To Face Autopose Legs For Genesis 9

Face To Face Autopose Legs For Genesis 9

Finally, you can use super easy and flexible autopose scripts for the legs of your Genesis 9 figures, allowing you to create and edit poses very quickly.

Face to Face Autopose Legs For Genesis 9 is a set of tools allowing you to automatically pose (autopose) the legs of a figure so that the selected faces of the foot, or of the shoes parented to the figure, reach a target in the scene, or try to reach it if it is too far. These targets can be loaded as props and placed anywhere you want, or created by scripts directly on the selected faces of any objects or figures in the scene. In order to save time, the selection of foot or shoe faces was made optional, allowing you to work with the toes as the reference location.

Do you need to place feet or shoes on the ground? Or under a balloon? Or on a chair? Or to stretch the leg in a given direction? Or do you simply want to adjust or create a pose with the foot in a given area of the scene? Simply create a target, select the faces on the foot or on a shoe, and launch the corresponding script. In order to save time, the face selection was made optional, and you can work simply by selecting one of the legs (foot, shin, or thigh). In this case, this leg will be posed so that the toe's origin reach or try to reach the target, and you can use an additional Y offset for their location if you want to compensate the foot and sole thickness.

The included tools make the usage of the scripts not only super easy but also super flexible. Whether you work with or without face selection, you just have to apply the autopose scripts: the leg to be posed will automatically be detected and its current pose will be adjusted so that the elements you want (selected faces or toes origin) reach the target of your choice. You don't like the result because, for instance, the thigh is too twisted? No worry, simply change the leg pose using a pose closer to your expectations and relaunch the script, a new pose will be calculated using your new initial leg pose.

If you have several targets in a scene, a dropdown list of these targets will allow you to choose which one you want to use. The autopose script comes with several options and complementary scripts for a complete suite of tools and an optimized workflow. Holding down specific keys when launching the script, you also have the ability to use only the altitude of a target, and/or to maintain the foot orientation during the process.

The "store" and "restore" scripts can be used standalone as a good complement to the autopose script. They allow you to store some specific data related to the feet heel morphs and feet angles with floor, in order to restore them at any time you want. The restore script also includes the possibility (optional) to restore the foot altitude. Finally, a script allows you to simply vertically offset the figure so that its feet reach the altitude you want (using faces selection or not, using a target or your stored data).

All those scripts can use an offset you can set up in two clicks in Convergence Settings. Furthermore, the autopose script uses a convergence process to reach its goal, convergence which is totally configurable by the user, handling both the speed and precision of the result. The default speed is configured as medium (3-7 seconds to converge) so that it is also compatible with old computers. Several convergence presets are available in the configuration script, from fast for people in a hurry to super slow in order to be able to adjust the figure while converging, but you can set up exactly the settings you want.

All the scripts were designed to support Genesis 9. For better efficiency, a utility allows you to install all the scripts directly in a menu or in a toolbar, which can be added and removed with two clicks using the menu.

Very intuitive and flexible, Face to Face Autopose Legs is a super-efficient tool to create from scratch or simply adjust the leg's poses automatically and very easily.

You can refer to the following educational video:

What's Included and Features

  • Face To Face Autopose Legs For Genesis 9: (.DUF)
  • Scripts:
    • Documentation
    • 01 Convergence Settings
    • 02 Activate Face Selection
    • 03 Create Target
    • 04 Store Feet Status
    • 05 Restore Foot Floor Angles
    • 06 Autopose Leg
    • 07 Offset To Target
  • Props:
    • Manual Target Plane

Required Products:

Genesis 9 Starter Essentials

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 9

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.21

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: 
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