Flat Spooky Portrait Morphs for G8F

Flat Spooky Portrait Morphs for G8F

Flat Spooky Portrait Morphs Genesis 8 Female is an item inspired by old horror movies with angry movable ghost persons from family pictures and paintings. G8F goes with 3 flat morphs and 2 picture frames compatible with G8F morphs. Frames works as each other morphs. Please see promos :) Hope you enjoy.
As G8f is so EXTREMALLY flat you may have some problems with skin translucency of some characters it may NEED re-texture, clothing suggested close to body and some back head hair may poke front face, eyes and teeth also like to jump a bit from face but it depends on your resources for G8F, hard to predict.


Flat G8F
Flat Portrait 01 G8F
Flat Portrait 02 G8F


\People\Genesis 8 Female\Character\Flat portrait\Frames
Frame big
Frame main figure
Frame small

\People\Genesis 8 Female\Character\Flat portrait\Morph presets
Flat Full Body
Flat Portrait 01
Flat Portrait 02
Zero All Default

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Software: Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: 
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