ITF Dev Kit for Genesis 9 - Volume 1

ITF Dev Kit for Genesis 9 - Volume 1

InTheFlesh Dev Kit for Genesis 9 - Volume 1

The ITF Dev Kit for Genesis 9 is a comprehensive development package for Daz Studio, designed to enhance the creation of 3D characters.

It includes a variety of character presets, anatomy geografts, camera presets, D-Formers, material and shader presets, posing utilities, UV sets and more!

The kit offers tools for detailed character customization, realistic material applications, and efficient workflows in 3D modeling and rendering. Its wide array of features makes it suitable for artists and developers looking to create diverse and high-quality 3D characters in Daz Studio.

The ITF Dev Kit for Genesis 9 - Volume 1 includes the following components:

Anatomy: Various geografts like eyelashes, eyes, mouth, etc., with shader presets.
Cameras: Multiple camera presets including body part, full body, head, and region-specific cameras.
D-Formers: Tools like Ears D-Former, Eyesocket D-Former, Head D-Former, and Mouth Cavity D-Former.
Materials: Presets for applying Iray PBR Skin and Uber Base shaders and some preset preview shaders.
Map Utilities: Tools for adjusting shader parameters like bump map strength, specular, translucency, etc.
Tiling Presets: Scripts for applying tiling settings to Iray Uber Shader and PBR Skin Shader.
Utility Shaders: Presets for visualizing body landmarks and UV stretching.
UV Sets: Various UV set options for different parts of the Genesis 9 figure.
Posing: Includes base joint correctives, pose detail strength adjustments, eye look automatic settings, etc.
Shape Presets: Presets for applying and removing basic shaping morphs.
Utilities: Scripts for easily changing Subd Level, exporting .OBJ files, and disabling or enabling Smoothing Modifiers.

This comprehensive kit provides tools and presets necessary for detailed character creation and customization in Daz Studio.

Includes a 50 page .PDF help file.

Full list of included items:

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit:

G9 Default with Anatomy
G9 Default
G9 Dev Base
G9 Feminine
G9 Masculine

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Anatomy:

G9 Eyelashes
G9 Eyes
G9 Gens Female
G9 Gens Male
G9 Mouth
G9 Tear

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Cameras:

ITF Body Part CAMS
ITF Full Body CAMS
ITF Head Part CAMS
ITF Lower Body Region CAMS
ITF Upper Body Region CAMS

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Cameras/Single Cameras:

Arm Left Back
Arm Left Front
Arm Right Back
Arm Right Front
Foot Left Bottom
Foot Left Top
Foot Right Bottom
Foot Right Top
Hand Left Bottom
Hand Left Top
Hand Right Bottom
Hand Right Top
Full Body Back
Full Body Bottom
Full Body Front
Full Body Left Quarter
Full Body Left
Full Body Right Quarter
Full Body Right
Full Body Top
Head Back Left Quarter
Head Back Lower
Head Back Right Quarter
Head Back Upper
Head Back
Head Front Left Quarter
Head Front Lower
Head Front Right Quarter
Head Front Upper
Head Front
Head Left
Head Right
Head Top
Head Part Ear Left
Head Part Ear Right
Head Part Eye Left Quarter
Head Part Eye Left
Head Part Eye Right Quarter
Head Part Eye Right
Head Part Eyelashes Left
Head Part Eyelashes Right
Head Part Lip
Head Part Nose
Lower Legs Back Left Quarter
Lower Legs Back Right Quarter
Lower Legs Back
Lower Legs Front Left Quarter
Lower Legs Front Right Quarter
Lower Legs Front
Upper Legs Back Left Quarter
Upper Legs Back Right Quarter
Upper Legs Back
Upper Legs Front Left Quarter
Upper Legs Front Right Quarter
Upper Legs Front
Upper Legs Left
Upper Legs Right
Head Shoulders Back
Head Shoulders Front Left Quarter
Head Shoulders Front Right Quarter
Head Shoulders Front
Head Shoulders Left
Head Shoulders Right
Lower Body Back Left Quarter
Lower Body Back Right Quarter
Lower Body Back
Lower Body Front Left Quarter
Lower Body Front Right Quarter
Lower Body Front
Upper Body Back Left Quarter
Upper Body Back Right Quarter
Upper Body Back
Upper Body Front Left Quarter
Upper Body Front Right Quarter
Upper Body Front

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/D-Formers:

ITF Ears D-Former
ITF Eyesocket D-Former
ITF Head D-Former
ITF Mouth Cavity D-Former

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Materials:

Apply Iray PBRSkin
Apply Iray Uber Base

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Materials/Base Shaders:

Base gray
SSS Dark gray
SSS Light gray
SSS Mid gray
SSS White

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Materials/Details:

Detail Normals - Female Gens
Detail Normals - Feminine
Detail Normals - Male Gens 01
Detail Normals - Male Gens 02
Detail Normals - Masculine
Detail OFF
Detail ON

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Materials/Map Utilities:

Bump Map Strength - 0
Bump Map Strength - 1
Bump OFF
Bump ON
Detail OFF
Detail ON
Diffuse OFF
Diffuse ON
Displacement Strength - 0
Displacement Strength - 1
Dual Lobe Specular OFF
Dual Lobe Specular ON
Makeup OFF
Makeup ON
Metallic Flakes OFF
Metallic Flakes ON
Metallicity OFF
Metallicity ON
Normal Map Strength - 0
Normal Map Strength - 1
Specular Occlusion OFF
Specular Occlusion ON
Sub Surface OFF
Sub Surface ON
Top Coat OFF
Top Coat ON
Translucency OFF
Translucency ON
Transmission OFF
Transmission ON

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Materials/Map Utilities/Iray Uber Shader:

Bump Map Strength - 0
Bump Map Strength - 1
Cutout Opacity - 0
Cutout Opacity - 1
Diffuse Overlay Weight - 0
Diffuse Overlay Weight - 1
Diffuse Weight - 0
Diffuse Weight - 1
Displacement Strength - 0
Displacement Strength - 1
Dual Lobe Specular Weight - 0
Dual Lobe Specular Weight - 1
Glossy Weight - 0
Glossy Weight - 1
Metalicity - 0
Metalicity - 1
Metallic Flake Weight - 0
Metallic Flake Weight - 1
Normal Map Strength - 0
Normal Map Strength - 1
Top Coat Weight - 0
Top Coat Weight - 1
Translucency Weight - 0
Translucency Weight - 1

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Materials/Map Utilities/Tiling Presets:

UV Tiling 01x01
UV Tiling 02x02
UV Tiling 03x03
UV Tiling 04x04
UV Tiling 05x05
UV Tiling 06x06
UV Tiling 07x07
UV Tiling 08x08
UV Tiling 09x09
UV Tiling 10x10
UV Tiling 20x20
UV Tiling 30x30
UV Tiling 40x40
UV Tiling 50x50
UV Tiling 60x60
UV Tiling 70x70
UV Tiling 80x80
UV Tiling 90x90
UV Tiling _100x100

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Materials/Utility Shaders:

Daz Landmarks - Feminine
Daz Landmarks - Masculine

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Materials/Utility Shaders/UV Tiles:

ITF UV Checker - 01
ITF UV Checker - 02
ITF UV Checker - 03
ITF UV Checker - 04
ITF UV Checker - 05
ITF UV Checker - 06

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Materials/UV Sets:

G9 Base Multi UDIM
G9 Base Single UDIM
G9 Genital Map Bake
ITF Even Density Single UDIM

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Materials/UV Sets/Anatomy UV Sets:

G9 Eyelashes Default UVs
G9 Eyelashes UDIM 1008
G9 Eyes Default UVs
G9 Eyes UDIM 1006
G9 Gens Female Default UVs
G9 Gens Female UDIM 1012
G9 Gens Male Default UVs
G9 Gens Male UDIM 1011
G9 Mouth Default UVs
G9 Mouth UDIM 1007
G9 Tear Default UVs
G9 Tear UDIM 1009

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Posing:

Base Joint Correctives OFF
Base Joint Correctives ON
Body Pose Detail Strength - 0
Body Pose Detail Strength - 100
Eye Look Automatic - 0
Eye Look Automatic - 100
Eye Resting Focal Point - 0
Eye Resting Focal Point - 100
FACS Detail Strength - 0
FACS Detail Strength - 100
Flexion Automatic Strength OFF
Flexion Automatic Strength ON
Restore Default Expression
Restore Default Pose

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Posing/Base Poses:

A Pose Relaxed
A Pose
Default Pose
I Pose
T Pose
Texture Pose

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Posing/Partial Poses:

Arms Default
Arms Down
Arms Relaxed
Arms Straight
Face Default
Face Relaxed
Feet Default
Feet Spread
Feet Straight
Fingers Default
Fingers Relaxed
Fingers Spread
Fingers Tight
Legs Default
Legs Spread
Legs Together
Toes Default
Toes Spread

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Shape Presets:

Base Feminine APPLY
Base Feminine REMOVE
Base Masculine APPLY
Base Masculine REMOVE
Default Navel APPLY
Default Navel REMOVE
Nipples Feminine APPLY
Nipples Feminine REMOVE
Nipples Masculine APPLY
Nipples Masculine REMOVE

/People/Genesis 9/ITF Dev Kit/Utilities:

Export OBJ - Base Resolution Level
Export OBJ - Current Subd Level
Set To Base Resolution
Set To Subd 1
Set To Subd 2
Set To Subd 3
Set To Subd 4
Smoothing Modifier - Disable
Smoothing Modifier - Enable

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