Lisa For G8.1F

Lisa For G8.1F

Lisa for G8.1 by bu_es. Is a beautiful Woman. bord in USA,of Anglo-Canadian origin. She is a beauty ...
the character is very suitable for all kinds of renderings. She has 4 body morphs so that the results are more original and / or realistic, one of them is pregnant ..
the other is pear .. I think it will be pleasant since it is a flexible character,
The shader is PBR iray
1 head morph apply an remove
1 body Morph Apply remove
1 Body mopth Alt Apply and remove
1 Body pear morph Apply and remove
1 Body morph pregnant apply and remove
1 brow fibermesh apply
1 nails morph Apply and remove
1 Nails Squere morph Apply and Remove
1 Character preset
1 mat skin PBR
1 Genitalia MT PBR
6 Eyes color + Default
4 brows Colors + Default
2 LIE Tattoo's Apply remove and
full tattoo's Apply and Remove
& nails colors
! Olny UV G8.1 and PBR Shader

Compatible figures: 
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