Mandelbulb 3D : Power Tips for Creating Fractal Worlds

Mandelbulb 3D : Power Tips for Creating Fractal Worlds

Mandelbulb 3D creates amazing 3D scenes with unique recursive details. The complex fractal patterns can take on organic or more “hard bodied” looks. It’s even possible to mix the two styles together!

The Mandelbulb 3D software is free, relatively compact yet powerful.

However, the program has a wealth of options and functions, which are quite daunting to learn.

In this tutorial, Scappin Matteo, who is an expert at using M3D answers frequently asked questions from users. He demonstrates solutions step by step and shows some vivid fractal artwork in the process.

Who is this tutorial for?

  • New and existing Mandelbulb artists who have come across hurdles during the creative process.
  • Professional artists : building special effects for movies
  • Game artists : creating unique assets for their 3D game settings
  • Artists curious about M3D who want to learn it's potential


  • Solving and managing noise problems in Mandelbulb 3D
  • Working with heightmaps
  • Creating a water plane in an M3D scene.
  • Combining and de-combining formulae explained
  • Integrate fractals with props (from heightmaps)
  • Tips to speed up finding attractive fractal scenes
  • Discovering a fractal cave
  • Tricks with fog effects
  • Lightmaps
  • Rescuing unsaved formulae


Mandelbulb 3D software Free (PC only)

Tutorial Presenter : Scappin Matteo

Matteo studied computer science in northern Italy. At the age of ten he became fascinated by fractals (in 2 dimensions) and in particular by the mandelbrot fractal. He was fascinated by how such mathematics could generate an entire abstract universe.

When studying programming (C ++, Processing) he discovered the topic of recursion; the love between Matteo and fractals was born!

One night in 2012, for the first time, he saw a video of a 3D fractal showing a fantastic world, without limits. It was designed by mathematics and interpreted by humans. He was speechless.

From his first simple animations, Matteo has since come a long way, studying and understanding fundamental concepts such as lighting, shadows, reflections, colors and the emotional impact they have on human beings.

He's now one of the most respected artists in the Mandelbulb 3D community and is regularly commissioned for commercial projects.

What's Included and Features

  • Mandelbulb 3D : Power Tips for Creating Fractal Worlds
  • Tutorial MP4 video file : 1 hour 40 minutes
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 00:01 Solving noise in M3D. Looking at a Mandelbulb 3D animation for noise
    • 00:02 Raystep multiplier
    • 00:03 Example : BT1Pine formula
    • 00:05 Some M3D formulas are more noisy than others
    • 00:07 The DE Stop parameter
    • 00:10 Examples of less noisy formulas to work with
    • 00:13 Hard body surface formulae advantages
    • 00:17 Working with Hightmaps
    • 00:18 Adding a height map
    • 00:21 Using a height map to simulate a water layer.
    • 00:24 Colour adjustment and lighting to the scene
    • 00:27 Can transparency be used on the water plane?
    • 00:30 How Make a fractal composed from a heightmap
    • 00:33 Superb height map example
    • 00:35 How to Integrate a fractal with a 3D object
    • 00:35 Importing a Buddha figure into a scene
    • 00:38 Adding and combining the fractal formulae
    • 00:39 What does decombinate do?
    • 00:42 The combined elements rendered
    • 00:44 Placing a heightmap object inside a fractal structure
    • 00:46 Mixing a familiar prop with fractals provide amazing results
    • 00:50 Different modes for combining formulas
    • 00:53 Tips to speed up looking for better looking scenes
    • 00:55 Creative approaches and going deep into a fractal
    • 00:59 The MixPinski4ex parameter
    • 01:02 A fractal cave scene
    • 01:05 Colour set for the fractal cave
    • 01:07 Tricks with Fog effects
    • 01:10 Fog parameters
    • 01:11 Lightmaps
    • 01:17 Shadows and lighting
    • 01:20 DE Stop parament ensure is low.
    • 01:24 Tip for smooth animation
    • 01:27 Tip for moving the camera though a fractal
    • 01:30 Discussion on optimising a slower rendering formula
    • 01:33 What if you didn’t save a good formula? You can recover it!
    • 01:35 Decombinate : setting it up so formulas don’t interact
    • 01:37 Can you export forumulae to other applications?
    • 01:38 Example of the open shading language
    • 01:39 About the height maps and parameters included with this product
  • Height maps and parameter pack for Mandelbulb 3D
  • 10 height maps
  • 1 parameter file

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install