The Maze - Huge Labyrinth for Daz Studio

The Maze - Huge Labyrinth for Daz Studio

No one knows who created The Maze, and why... but it may be your hero's final adventure. You can show him the guiding path or you can let him fight the monsters inside the biggest labyrinth you can find in Daz Studio's shop!

Lose your character inside the walls, find the right path and release them to the world - or keep them trapped behind the bars and the barriers in the labyrinth! Your story is your choice, as long as your scene is filled with long and narrow passages, gates with (or without) bars, barriers and arcades. Use the throne in the temple to rest your character, or let The Master of the Maze occupy the altar. Swimming lessons may help your people survive as the corridors are filled be default with water (the plane can be adjusted, so it can only wet the feet or it can reach your hero's shoulders if you dare).

The Maze is filled with gates, barriers and arcades, so you'll never get bored with plain walls. You can use the various barriers to allow or deny free passage for your character, to arrest a beast or to separate your hero from his savior.

The Maze package contains 42 elements and 15 shaders, plus 8 camera presets. The scene is highly customizable according to your taste and needs. If you don't need the whole maze or if you want to keep your machine's memory free, you can insert to your scene just some parts of the labyrinth. Additionally to the huge maze, the package also provides five separate wall elements you can use to fill the fill the scene. You can combine them to achieve a larger or a narrow angle for your render, add some gates or barriers and your scene will be ready without the geometry you don't really need.

The Maze is composed by various elements that you can put together or you can leave out. Two arcades, nine barriers (three models), three gates with detachable bars and different symbols each side, two main gates, three stairs, two roofs and one throne for the center altar, plus three signs (Toxic, Warning and Biohazard) and three water planes - one full plane that covers the entire maze and two smaller planes (if you don't need the whole scene). And, of course, the set provides a guiding path that shows the way out of the labyrinth.

The package also contains 15 shaders, so you can easily change the material of the walls or any other element.

In the end, you only have to stay calm and keep following the guiding path, so you may enjoy your time while your hero finds the way out of The Maze...

What's Included and Features

  • The Maze - Huge Labyrinth for Daz Studio (.DUF)
  • a3d !The Maze
  • Props
    • a3d Altar Roof Option 1
    • a3d Altar Roof Option 2
    • a3d Altar Stairs
    • a3d Altar Throne
    • a3d Arcade 1
    • a3d Arcade 2
    • a3d Barrier 1
    • a3d Barrier 2
    • a3d Barrier 3
    • a3d Barrier 4
    • a3d Barrier 5
    • a3d Barrier 6
    • a3d Barrier 7
    • a3d Barrier 8
    • a3d Barrier 9
    • a3d Floor
    • a3d Gate 1
    • a3d Gate 1 Bars
    • a3d Gate 2
    • a3d Gate 2 Bars
    • a3d Gate 3
    • a3d Gate 3 Bars
    • a3d Gate In
    • a3d Gate Out
    • a3d Guiding Path
    • a3d Outer Barrier
    • a3d Sign Biohazard
    • a3d Sign Toxic
    • a3d Sign Warning
    • a3d Stairs 1
    • a3d Stairs 2
    • a3d Stairs 3
    • a3d Water Plane 1
    • a3d Water Plane 2
    • a3d Water Plane Full
  • Camera 1-8 Presets
  • Shader Presets
    • Floor 1
    • Floor 2
    • Floor 3
    • Floor 4
    • Sign Biohazard
    • Sign Toxic
    • Sign Warning
    • Walls 1
    • Walls 2
    • Walls 3
    • Walls 4
    • Walls 5
    • Walls 6
    • Water 1
    • Water 2
  • Textures Include
    • 63 Texture, Displacement, Normal, Reflections, Roughness, Transparency Maps (1024 X 1024 To 4096 X 4096
  • Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.12, Daz to Unity Bridge

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install