Morphs+ for Everyday 2

Morphs+ for Everyday 2

Check out Morphs+ for Everyday 2, an add-on that includes:

  • 26 awesome and unique morphs for Everyday 2 Shirt
  • 28 original and inspiring morphs for Everyday 2 Pants
  • 5 additional clothing versions featuring even more extreme morphs
  • Note that you can use any basic and add-on textures on all of these new items (that is the customize and sporty styles as well as any other future ones)

  • Add-On morphs: these are interesting, original and image-inspiring morphs for Everyday2. They range from practical and mundane to very dynamic and sensual, to unique and original ones that breath new style and life into the garments. You can create stories around them or add more context and fun to an existing image. They often look great as is, but they can adapt even better after using d-Force and with more extreme poses+extreme morphs it can becomes necessary to use d-Force for a great outcome. We also included a JCM button that activates and deactivates JCMs, try it out to see if you get a better fitting outcome and in conjunction with d-Force.

  • 5 Additional Items
    • Shirt Short: this shirt is optimized (custom weight map) to be used with short morphs. When you load it into the scene you will see one "Up" morph is already active, navigate to the morphs folder (Actor > Shirt Style) and you will find 21 "short" morphs. Use any of these with this specific shirt (also, you MUST use at least one of these with this shirt version as it's optimized to stay short). Some may combine nicely, but most are meant to be used on their own. Additional morphs (movement and helper) are also included to be used with the item-specific ones.
    • Shirt Around Hip: This shirt is meant as a cool accessory. It's Everyday2 shirt wrapped around the hips. While you can use d-force to have this follow your character pose and movements, we also included some movement morphs, in case you want to simulate wind or some other force influencing the garment. It also includes 2 alternative wrapping styles.
    • Shirt on right hand: this shirt is attached to the right hand. It's an accessory kind of item with a long list of morphs for when d-Force can't do what you want. After all this is a light piece of garment and even just walking is going to make it float all around the hand holding it. It's a great addition to add some background and dynamism to an image or story! Also note that you can use the x/y/x-tran and x/y/z-rotate dials to fit this better to your hand. A hand pose is also included.
    • Pants Down: these pants are meant to be used with the "down" morphs included (Actor > Pants Down Main). Additional morphs are included and can be successfully used together with the item-specific morphs. Only use one "down" morph as they cannot mix and match.
    • Pants Knees Up: these pants are meant to use with those morphs that raise the bottom part of the pants (Actor > Knees up morphs). Other morphs are also included that can successfully be mixed and matched with its specific morphs.
    • For all the above items, we included a JCM button that activates and deactivates JCMs, try it out to see if you get a better fitting outcome and in conjunction with d-Force.

What's Included and Features

  • Everyday 2 Shirt
  • Add-on Morphs
    • Back
      • Back down
      • Back down more
    • Front top
      • Front neck down 01-07
    • Full
      • Folds all
      • Folds top
      • Front grab
      • Inflated fun
      • Longer
      • One sleeve down
      • One sleeve out
      • Shirt fun 01-03
      • Skin tight
      • Sleeves up
      • Style 01
      • Too big
      • Too long
    • Sides
      • Left side raise
      • Right side raise
  • Everyday 2 Pants
  • Add-on Morphs
    • Back
      • Back down half
      • Left back down/down more
      • Right back down/down more
    • Fly
      • Fly Open complete/down/more
      • Fly open simple/simple plus
    • Front
      • Front side down center
      • Front side down center more
      • Front side down left
      • Front side down right
      • Left side down
      • Right side down
  • Pants Down
    • Pants Down Main
      • All Down
      • All Down More
      • All Down Plus
      • Back Down Full
      • Complete Down Plus
    • Helper
      • Back Out
      • Back Out More
      • Enlarge All
      • Fly Out
      • Front Out
      • Inflate All
      • JCMs Controller (off by default)
      • Top Enlarge All
      • To Enlarge All More
    • Movement Morphs
      • Fly
        • Open complete down/down more/more
      • Knee Left/Right
        • Back Float
        • Front Float
        • Left Float
        • Right Float
        • Up 01-03
  • Pants Knees Up
    • Knees Up Morphs
      • Left Knee Up
      • Left Knee Up more/simple
      • Right Knee Up
      • Right Knee Up more/simple
    • Helper Morphs
      • Back Out
      • Back Out more
      • Enlarge All
      • Fly Out
      • Front Out
      • Front Out More
      • Inflate All
      • Left Side Out
      • Over Shirt
      • Right Side Out
      • Top Enlarge All
      • Top Enlarge All More
    • Movement Morphs
      • 53 Additional movement morphs
  • Shirt Short
    • Helper Morphs
      • Bottom Enlarge-Shrink
    • Movement Morphs
      • Back Head
      • Left Side Raise Top/More
      • Nice Float 01-04
      • Right Side Raise Top
      • Right Side Raise More
      • Short 01-05
      • Style 02
      • Up 01-06
  • Shirt Around hip
    • Style 01
    • Style 02
    • All up
    • Back Out
    • Float 01-02
    • Inflate All
    • Left Out
    • Right Out
  • Shirt on Right Hand
    • Floating Morphs
      • All back 01-03
      • All Front 01-03
      • All Inward 01-03
      • All Out 01-03
      • All Up 01-03
      • Back Float 01-07
      • Front Float 01-07
      • Inflate All
      • Shape 01-04

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

dForce Cloth, DAZ Studio 4.12

Required Products:

Everyday 2 for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: