Flinks Rolling Hills - Forest

Flinks Rolling Hills - Forest

"Flinks Rolling Hills - Forest" contains 35 different objects in the Poser format.

2 landscape objects:
- the same landscape as in the "Rolling Hills" package, only with a snow texture
- a groundcover landscape, a bit more detailed with more hills and waves etc..
there are 5 different materials for the landscape objects

the landscape is divided into 9 areas for which the objects can be loaded and combined separately.

there are 3 different types of trees, one type (Trees1) is a bit more detailed than the other two and should be placed closer than the others if needed. the trees are designed to be resource friendly and not necessarily suitable for close ups

for each part of the landscape there is one object per tree type, for the center of the landscape there are two objects per tree type. all objects can be combined with each other.

for each tree type there is a circular object that can be freely placed and can be used for example to make the forest even denser

for poser there are 4 different materials per tree type

also included are 8 material presets for DAZ Studio 4.21 - Iray

the "Forest" is fully compatible and can be combined with the other "Rolling Hills" packages, but does not require them.

Software: Poser11+

Props for Daz Studio and Poser