1950's Caravan For Vue

1950's Caravan For Vue

This is an old caravan ("trailer house") made in the 1950's, slightly modernized by its owners and still used for trailer camping today.

The caravan and all its pieces are high resolution, photo-realistic with very detailed interior and exterior.

Exterior components include a green-striped canvas awning, old wooden apple box serving as a step up into the caravan, a canvas camping chair, a metal fire grate with four marshmellows on sticks, and an old blue bike.

The awning and poles can be removed if desired. When they are removed, the awning appears to be rolled up in its tub fixed to the side of the caravan. The detailed bike model is structured so that its front wheel and handles bars can be turned to make it appear to lean against the trailer or a nearby tree. The fire grate has individual legs so that it can be arranged over a fire or on uneven ground, and a set of glowing wooden embers.
Of course the canvas chair can be duplicated so that seating can be arranged around a fire. And the old wooden apple box step can be moved. The caravan's rear license plate face can be changed as needed.

The door to the caravan opens and closes (shown here, slightly ajar). The exterior porch light has a pre-positioned point light for night scenes.

The caravan's interior has a sleeping area in the front, a kitchen, wooden storage areas and table with seat cushions in the rear.

Some of the interior pieces are designed so that you can change their materials if you wish, you can move them, or hide some pieces from render. The separable pieces include a mattress on the bed, a blanket and three pillows, and the bed area curtain. There are two moveable coffee mugs. There are ten interior light fixtures. All of them contain pre-positioned point lights that you can turn on or off, or dim as desired for interior or night scenes.

This caravan looks excellent in sunset scenes with interior lights raised slightly and a campfire burning outside!

Software: Vue 9

Props for Poser and Daz Studio