Armored Car

Armored Car

- all-weather
- all-terrain
- multi-color
- multi-purpose
armed and armored vehicle.

What is included:
1 fully rigged figure with 24 moveable parts; all controls are located in the central Body part
1 separate missile prop
40 ready-made color schemes as .mc6 files, consisting of
- 8 base color schemes (clean)
- 4 variations of weather for each base color scheme (dusty, wet, light snow, heavy snow)

The ARMORED CAR is highly customizeable:
Color-schemes can easily be tweaked in the material room, because procedural shaders are being used.
A large number of pre-defined templates for text to put on the vehicle is provided.
The templates are easyly applicable through pose files and Python scripts.
Customized individual new text templates can easily be created by you as simple b/w masks.

The product is considered POSER only, it has not been tested in DAZ Studio. It has been tested in Poser 2012 and above, but should also work in Poser 8 (not tested). Color schemes are optimized for FireFly renders, not tested in SuperFly.

All promotional images were rendered in Poser (Firefly) with IDL with very moderate settings (included in documentation).
In some images, postwork has been done to add little fire or smoke effects only, but no postwork has been done on the product itself or its textures in any of the images.

Poser Pro 2010+, Poser 9+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio