AtoZ Detail Time Spacecraft Add-Ons II Vanguard I v1

AtoZ Detail Time Spacecraft Add-Ons II Vanguard I v1

AtoZ DetailTime Spacecraft Add-Ons II Vanguard I v1 for Poser
How to land a Vanguard in the AtoZ Terrains Base! OK, so I was so bold as to show a Vanguard on the AtoZ Kudos Elevator and in the AtoZ Kudos Building... Soooo, how did it get in the vertical? AtoZ's Spacecraft Add-Ons II Vanguard I v1 is how! And here it is!
Featuring a Vertical Receiver that uses four powerful Hydrogen/LOX engines that lift the Receiver into the vertical and five Locator Cameras that help guide a Vanguard (not included) into the Receiver's three Landing Gear Holders! There is one camera that smart props onto each of the three holders! Yes the Holders are located on animatable ERC controlled "Wobblers" allowing the Vanguard to dock with the Receiver solidly... Also two camera are located on the two other "Holders" which flank the Vanguard's rear gate thus taking the additional weight of the full Vanguard so that its landing gear does not fail... That would be a Bad Thing!
Also included are other versions of the Camera for you to position and use in any model or models of AtoZ or other products. They are included for your creative imagination... Have Fun!
This set includes a Loading Ramp which can be positioned by any crane you may have... By the way, the Loading Ramp does come loaded and "attached"(Parented) to the Receiver as do five cameras(Smart Proped). This ramp designed to be used for many purposes and can be ERC controlled to: Spread apart to service wider craft and cargo loaders(not included)... It can also be be raised and its supports can be both angled and extended as needed (also ERC controlled). There is also a rod-like guide that is to be used when lifting and lowering the ramp into position. This Guide can be easily Hidden (and re-exposed) using a handy ERC).
This Set includes: (in Runtime>)
Geometries>TJM>Others> The Reciever, Loading Ramp and Cameras
Textures>TJM>Others>SpacecraftAdd-ONs> The Reciever, Loading Ramp and Cameras
Libraries>Character>TJM>Others>Spacecraft Add-Ons>
"Loaded" Receiver with the Loading Ramp and Cameras attached
Receiver Assy
Loading Ramp 1
Libraries>Props>TJM>Others>Spacecraft Add-Ons>
Camera 1
Camera 2 (Camera 1 no Brace)
Camera 3 (Camera 1 no Brace - no Antenna)
Libraries>Props>TJM>Others>Spacecraft Add-Ons>Smart Vanguard Receiver
Slider Camera Ft Receiver
Slider Camera Left Rear Recvr
Slider Camera Rt Rear Recvr
Slider Camera Left Upper
Slider Camera Rt Upper
Libraries>Pose>TJM>Others>Spacecraft Add-Ons>Smart Vanguard Receiver
Mat Poses:
Loading Ramp 1 Def(ault)
Slider Camera 1 Def
Vanguard Receiver 1 Def

I hope the Promotional Pictures will inspire you! If you add this AtoZ offering to your Library may I thank you in advance!


Copyright 2018 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: TJM, Tiger9166, A2Z & AtoZ All Rights Reserved

Renderosity License file included.

Note: This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.

Poser 7+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio