AtoZ DetailTime Kudos Terrains PLUS I v1

AtoZ DetailTime Kudos Terrains PLUS I v1

AtoZ DetailTime Kudos Terrains PLUS I v1
Yes, the AtoZ Kudos Watch Tower came with a terrain and a simple sky dome... This is different as it is yet another of the popular AtoZ DetailTime offerings! These extraordinary Terrains can be used with the included 10 different Poser Mat Poses, the DAZ 3D Studio Materials and matching Shaders to create simply amazing HUGE Terrains!

This offering from AtoZ offers you the ability to add extreme detail to any terrain project and will give AtoZ's other Kudos items a planetary home! This set includes its own really cool Crater Terains(s), choose from 2 that are custom designed to fit the included HUGE (ERC dial) articulated Base Access Portal that can lead to your underground base or to the future release AtoZ offering.

In the Promo Pics you will see how AtoZ designed these DetailTime Terrains to "play well with each other"! That is, most have flattened edges that can be easily "butted" together. Or as the Promo Pic shows, they also can be slid together to create an infinite number of interesting landscapes.

This set includes a Terrains designed for the AtoZ Kudos Watch Tower, one specifically for the AtoZ DragonFire Launch Tower and another just for the AtoZ Kudos Microwave Tower...
AND there's the really big PLUS! ... This set includes two Crater Terrains that fit the INCLUDED ERC Controlled Octal Door Sealing Kudos Base Vertical Access Connector for future AtoZ Kudos Underground Bases!

These AtoZ detailed terrains were modeled in Bryce and includes 12 Bryce files from which some of these were made! The Primary Terrain Mats were created in Photoshop at 6K x 6K and reduced to 4K x 4K for your use. The Primary source layered Terrain is not included as it alone is over 345MB!

The lava and really WOW textures were created modifying the Nelmi's Lava and Rock Iray Merchant Resource that I purchased right here at! ... Please check this cool product out! I also wish to thank the iSource team for their Volume 1 Ashphalt Textures wich were multiplied from their original 2K x 2K format textures that AtoZ layered with other textures to create several of the highly detailed textures included in this AtoZ offering.

This set includes:

1)Preload of the Articulated Base Access Port with Crater Terrain 1
2)The Articulated Base Access Port

Props (All are terrains):
1)A "Crossroads" Terrain with "base access" cutout that will have to be upscaled to fit the included access port
2)Crater Access 1
3)Crater Access 2
4)Launch Tower Base (AtoZ Launch Tower not included)
5)Microwave Tower Base (AtoZ Microwave Tower not included)
6)Watch Tower Base (AtoZ Watch Tower not included)
7-18)AtoZ Kudos Terrains numbered 01 - 12
Note: Crossroads and terrains 11 and 12 do not have "flattened edges".

Poses (Mats)
TEN Mat Poses to apply to your Terrains! in Poser

Complimentary Material Settings and Shaders for your AtoZ DetailTime Terrains... Most of these are basically tileable, others are not.

Poser files in:
Runtime>Geometries>TJM>Kudos and >Terrains
Runtime>Textures>TJM>Kudos and >Terrains

DAZ 3D Studio Files in:
My Library>
Scene Subsets>Scenes>TJM>Kudos AtoZ>Kudos Base and Kudos Terrains>
Runtime> As listed above for Poser!

Bryce 7.0
(for objects) TJM>Kudos>

I hope you decide to add this AtoZ offering to you Libraries, as should you choose to do so, my I thank you in advance!
Legal Copyright 2019 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc.
Please read the Renderosity agreement regarding products purchased here...
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Poser 7+, Bryce 7, Daz Studio 4

Props for Poser and Daz Studio