AtoZ Geeble Industrial II v1

AtoZ Geeble Industrial II v1

AtoZ Geeble Industrial II v1

If I were to enclose a city without adequate water... We can all guess the outcome! And even though an AtoZ City Walled Domed City has a huge Portal for transporting supplies to and from it, even that might not work out all that well if we had to ship water in every day.

I present to you AtoZ's Geeble Industrial II offering to solve this problem. This offering includes a HUGE Quad Storage Tank Assembly well actually two. One set is inside a high "sealing" quad sized wall (compared to and AtoZ Air Scrubber or Liquefied Gas Storage tank - not included - see AtoZ's Geeble Industrial I set). And a second quadruple tank assembly without the full quad base. Also included is a single tank and a variety of single and quad sized "Bare Bases" to, on and in which you can create your own walled (or open) Storage Tank...

Did I forget to mention the Quad Tank's articulation? Well, to get to either the lower deck on each tank or all the way to the top you can use the elevator which includes articulated safety floor disks so that when the elevator is up or down they can be raised or lowered to prevent workmen from falling into the elevator shaft. Each of the tanks have a rotating work platform which can be moved full circle on its wheels. What better way to paint, coat or maybe fix a leaking tank? Yes the work platform raises and lowers from the lower deck all the way to the top. And each rotating platform has a safety railing for workers to latch themselves onto. AND these fold outward to allow the platform to fully rotate under the Top Feed Piping.
Note: Because the single tank has no elevator, it is equipped with a "full length" (as in to the ground) rotating service Platform with an ascending/descending workers' platform. And it also has the two articulated folding safety railings as well.

This set also includes a nifty Electra-Hydraulic Pipe Lifter so you can make work area scenes. The bases come in three variations of Quad "Bare Bases". One is like the first Quad Tanks which had fully encircling walls. The Second has four "roadway" entry points one in each wall. The last is just a floor unit to which you can add as you like the included Corner and Wall. These should allow you great freedom to create new and interesting city areas. HINT: Flip the Quad Bare Base 3 to make it a plain metal floor/ground plane or angle it to create? This item becomes very useful when making cities, especially when Stonemason Greeble or others buildings (not included) don't line up quite the way you want them too!

You also get a "Very Cool Articulated Item"! The Articulated Electra-Hydraulic Pipe Lifter "JAWS" that can grab and life a variety of pipes or maybe you'll mount one and then rotate it for handling barrels or other objects that might require a set of horizontal/vertical lifting "Jaws". Articulation? The upper "Jaws" Raise and Lower and the lower "Jaws" Lower and Raise. Plus all four Jaws can be slid together and apart as needed.

AtoZ also added in the Top Fill Pipe prop, a variety of pipes and an adapter not to mention the tanks as props only! Whew! It comes with a lot of stuff. Even MAT poses to make Gray, Stainless Steel and Dark Sky Blue Tanks!

If you decide to add this AtoZ offering to your libraries, may I thank you in advance!

Note: This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.

Software: Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +

Props for Poser and Daz Studio