AtoZ Kudos Terrains II PLUS v1

AtoZ Kudos Terrains II PLUS v1

AtoZ Kudos Terrains II PLUS v1
There are no sounds in space, but Gramor could hear an erie deep groaning in his suit. It was actually coming up through his heavy boots. The surface was dynamically shifting right below his feet! It was hard to believe that this many centuries had passed yet the very planet he was walking on was still this active. And every location they had been flying to on Sister II was giving out the same strange groaning. 'That's funny,' he thought, 'I was on Sister I just last week and the silence there was erie. There the only sound I heard was the grunching of my boots on that grainy grey surface!'
We'd like to call them moons but the Kudos System is so very strange that we will not. The Two Sisters are very different planets when compared to the Kudos itself. The system itself is unique in the universe. The two Sisters and the Kudos Sun actually circle the planet Kudos! Each Sister is a near planet sized world and considering the makeup of their parent world, Kudos, one would think that they would be comprised of the same materials. However, this is not the case, Sister I is cratered and almost colorless. In its recent history Sister I had a very thin atmospheric layer comprised promarily of an Argon-like gas. Now, only traces of this remain. Theses traces are barely detectable and only found in the deepest craters that mark its relatively smooth surface. Kudos' captive Sister II is quite colorful and has a fairly active surface. It too had a thin atmosphere, but as Sister II lies nearer to the Kudos sun so when that cataclysmic solar storm of energy burst occured, it blew Sister II's atmosphere to oblivion.
Only Sister II has been reinhabited with surface bases and subterranian ones like those that had been established long ago on both planets. These two had been blown away by that powerful solar event that so radically changed the Kudos System.
The long and storied history of Kudos and those who have visited it, along with the powers that be who have battled for control over its wealth is told in the trilogy, "The Chronicles of Kudos" by Tim Machan found on Kindle.
The AtoZ Kudos Terrains II v1 package gives you seven new terrains and a number of effects you can apply both to these and to any terrain square in your library! You can litter a terrain like the litter on Kudos, add a Kudos Lightning Panel and its surface liquifying, vaporizing and roiling effect. By the way here is how to create the surface effects so that they follow the included terrains... (Buy accessing the included HiRes textures!)
1) Load an AtoZ Kudos Terrains II terrain...
2) Duplicate it
3) Raise the duplicate a very small amount above the "original"
BTW: Make sure you're moving the correct figure!
4) Apply an AtoZ Kudos Terrain II MAT Pose Effect to the duplicate
5) Adjust the duplicate's location to your liking and Viola!
Now you have your "AtoZ Special Effect" now ready to render!

How would you like to add one of your favorite 2D Billboards "Special Effects" (like a cool purple flame from Jepe's Dragon Flamez?) to follow a Terrain or maybe experment on another figure?
It can be frustrating IF the effect you try to load has a different material name!
Sooo... Use your Poser Material Room!
1) Select and load your desired 2D Special Effect (these are usually props)
2) Go to the Material Room, look for and select the desired effect (it will have
a Black and White Transparency image.
3) Save this as a single material (not a Collection)
4) Now you can load that effect onto another object!
5) Shazammm! You've done it!

AtoZ Kudos Terrains II vi Contains:

Pose>TJM>Effects <- Here are the "Special Effect" Mat Poses! (turn off shadows)
Kudos Lightning Panel 01 1
Kudos Lightning Panel 01 2
Kudos Lightning Panel 01 3
Kudos Litter 04 Density 01
Kudos Litter 08 Density 01
Kudos Litter 12 Density 01
Kudos Litter 24 Density 01
Kudos Litter Cluster 1
Kudos Litter Cluster 2
Kudos Litter Streak 1
Kudos Litter Streak 2H
Kudos Litter Streak 2V
Kudos Litter Streak 3
Kudos Sparks Particles 1
Kudos Sparks Particles 2
Kudos Sparks Particles 3
Kudos Surface Roil 1H
Kudos Surface Roil 1V
Kudos Surface Roil 2H
Kudos Surface Roil 2V
Kudos Surface Roil 3H
AtoZ Lava Littered 01 <- Preloaded effect on the texture!
Kudos Terrain 29 Sister
Kudos Terrain 30 Sister
Kudos Lightning Panel 01 <- 2D
Kudos Terrain 23 Littered
Kudos Terrain 24a
Kudos Terrain 24b
Kudos Terrain 25
Kudos Terrain 26
Kudos Terrain 27
Kudos Terrain 28
Kudos Terrain 29
Kudos Terrain 30
Kudos Terrain 31
Kudos Terrain 32
Kudos Terrain 33 Crater 02
3D .objs are in: two directories:
Runtime>Geometries>TJM>Terrains and Effects

Texture .jpgs are in three directories:
Runtime>Textures>TJM and >Terrains and >Effects
Note! Strangely there have been no new AtoZ Products for over a month due to the learning curve we had to work our way through to bring you this cool set of additional Terrains!

In addition, I wish to again thank Nelmi for the merchant resource spectacular texture sets
that had to be modified to use legally. These were used both to create the topography of these and to textures them as well... Thank you!

If you add this AtoZ offering to your libraries, may I thank you in advance!
Legal Copyright 2020 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc.
Renderosity License in Documents Folder

Poser 7+

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