AtoZ Pulse Rifle 1 Poser Weapons III v1

AtoZ Pulse Rifle 1 Poser Weapons III v1

AtoZ Pulse Rifle 1 Poser Weapons III v1
"Command! We've been over run!"
The message was almost lost to the screaming in the background...
"Sector Five over run by who?"
"Not who!"
"OK then what?"
"Drago...." the message was cut short by crumpling noises and a last blood curdling scream.
"Sector Five repeat!"
There were a few more background cries, a lot of crunching sounds and then the Comm Line went dead.
"Sector Three?!" command yelled. "Get the hell over to Five and report."
Command knew Three was just across from Five.
"Sending Cyborgs!"
"Arm them with ThunderFires and order them not to blow holes in the outer walls!"
"Will do!"
"Command?" it was the robotic voice of a combat cyborg.
"Opening inner door to hall..."
"Hall Door at Five buckling and lifting!" Came the cyborg's next report followed by... "Command it's dragons... Megantous Califundus Exagornus."
The cyborg's voice had no emotion as expected. Command yelled, "Attack Attack!"
"There is one unarmed uniformed officer running up the tunnel."
Command knew that the cyborg would report everything and it would be pointless to order the machine to filter its visual imports and reports on these, so Command ordered, "Leader FIRE!
"Command we've got another problem!"
"Yes..." Command replied in a tired voice. The dragon battle had consumed most of the last two days and everyone needed peace and quiet for a while.
"Toby got out of his cage on Level 8"
"Seal Level 8 and send down a Cyborg Unit to encourage him that he's got to get back into his containment!"
"Already sealed... But Toby's already eaten six workers and is approaching a crew of twenty repair workers."
'SHIT!' Command thought to himself... "Take him out!" 'To bad! Toby is like a pet to the whole complex.' Not everyone has a cloned T-Rex for a pet!
Now, how do you dispense with a dragon and a T-Rex? The people at ThunderFire long ago created their Model One Pulse Rifle. And long ago a few curious engineers had blow themselves up trying to figure out how the weapon worked. They knew it had curved magazines that were cool at the bottom and got really hot near the top. The weren't removable but reloaded from straight loader clips. So the curious few managed to destroy themselves along with everything in a fifty foot zone when, even though the integral clips were empty, they had tried to unseal the weapon's body. Of course, the weapon did come with complete and detailed warning regarding anyone, save a factory refurbishment facility, try to open them. Try to open one and well... good bye!
This model includes a detailed replica of an actual Model One. Due to the potential dangers we do not sell a full working model. We believe that Renderosity has rules about products that might explode and cause injury. (tongue in cheek!)

OK, so what do you get... A lot! To save you work or to at least simplify things considering all the pieces, parts and finishes that can be applied you get a "Fully Loaded" Pulse Rifle that is named "Pulse Rifle N Nite Scope 1 Camo" OK, so it's just a !Preload but you get the idea.
How the Pulse Rife operates (not how it works):
1) Bolt Raises and lowers and slides back and forth to cock the internals. We might assume this engages a left and right Charge Cartridge (one red and one green) (Positive and negative maybe?)
2) Lock or unlock the Safety
3) Set for Single Shot or Fully Automatic
4) Pull the trigger
And you can lift the Stock Butt locking pin and extend or retract the shoulder
If you installed it you can adjust the Tripod Legs moving them forward or back, outward and extend either leg independently of each other.

How to use the Day/Night Scope
Important: If you've dropped this Poser "preloaded" Rifle into Daz, you may need to parent the scope to the rifle.
1) Turn it on or off
2) Select Day or Night
3) Fake adjust the eyepiece (it doesn't move)
4) Dial the Range (zoom) in or out with the dial.
Now here's the scope's sticky wicket... There are two single-sided planes one at the back which has a nifty circular intersect crosshairs. I've set this plane as not adjustable. Now if you're showing the rifle from the front be sure to Unhide the front plane (named Hide/Unhide) so you can render the Scope's front "Lens". Hide it when using the scope mode.
Hint: You could also install a camera behind the eyepiece in line with the crosshairs for some cool animations!

How to use the Pulse 3 X 25
(First there is no Pulse 1 or 2)
Burst=Auto simulation/automation:
On the "preloaded" rifle there is already a "pulse string" "installed"... So I advise you use only the Body's Lengthen All to stretch (and zscale) all 25 which will look like a full automatic burst of pulses. Of course, you can also leave it hidden and...
Single Shot (you marksman you):
Just zTran the Single Charge3a in the Heirarchy to hide it and then either move it out and render a single shot made just the way you want... or set it as far away as you want and animate it...
WARNING! if the rifle moves so will anything parented into it... Maybe un-parent it so it stays on its or their trajectories.

AND!!! A drum roll please!
Wheee! Here comes even more AtoZ fun! There's both a red (straight and pre-curved) and a green (straight and pre-curved) Stright or Cascadeable set of Pulse Cartridges to use like a normal machine gun's spewing of cartridges.
You get MAT Poses for the three included textures!
AND you get all the props pictured in the promo pics
Note: The X Pulse Rifle 1 PBR is the same except for some of the "Preload" additions.
Btw: If the "Preload" of this Poser Model is loaded into DAZ you will probably need to parent the Night Scope to the Rifle "manually" (drag and drop or other method).
That's a lot of stuff that does a lot of stuff! No wonder it's taken AtoZ so long to release just one rifle... OK it's one special cool rifle ... OK we hope you think so ....

If you decide to add this AtoZ offering to your Libraries may we thank you in advance!
Here's what you get....
In Runtime>Geometries>TJM>Weapons:
In Runtime>Textures>TJM>Weapons:
ALSO PBR .png (fun files in):
A2ZNS1PBRNew - Day/Night Scope
A2ZPR1PBRCamo - Pulse Rifle Camo
A2ZPR1PBRNew - Pulse Rifle New
PRBEPBRNew - Stock Extension
PRCC1rgPBRNEW - Charge Capsules
PRFGsPBRNew - Grips
PRLS1PBRNew - Laser Sight
PRPulse3PBRNew - Pulse
PRTM1PBRNew - Tripod Mount
In Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Weapons>Pulse Rifle>
Night Scope 1 Camo.cr2
Pulse 3 X 25.cr2
Pulse Capsule 25 Green.cr2
Pulse Capsule 25 Red.cr2
Pulse Cartridge 25 Green.cr2
Pulse Cartridge 25 Red.cr2
Pulse Rifle 1 Camo.cr2
Pulse Rifle N Nite Scope 1 Camo.cr2
Pulse Rifle N Scope 1 Camp.cr2
Tripod Mount 1 Camo.cr2
X Pulse Rifle 1 PBR Fun.cr2
MAT Poses:
In Runtime>Libraries>Pose>TJM>Weapons>Pulse Rifle>
MAT 1G Camo Charge Capsule.pz2
MAT 1G Def Charge Capsule.pz2
MAT 1R Camo Charge Capsule.pz2
MAT 1R Def Charge Capsule.pz2
MAT AtoZ Laser Sight 1 Camo.pz2
MAT AtoZ Laser Sight 1 Def.pz2
MAT AtoZ Night Scope 1 Camo.pz2
MAT AtoZ Night Scope 1 Def.pz2
MAT AtoZ Pulse Rifle 1 Camo.pz2
MAT AtoZ Pulse Rifle 1 Def.pz2
MAT Pulse Rifle 1 Ft Grips Camo.pz2
MAT Pulse Rifle 1 Ft Grips Def.pz2
Tripod Mount 1 Camo.pz2
Tripod Mount 1 Def.pz2
Butt Extender 1 Camo.pz2
Butt Extender 1 Def.pz2
In Runtime>Libraries>Pose>TJM>Weapons>Pulse Rifle>Pulse Rifle PBR Fun
Charge Capsule Green 1 PBR New.pz2
Charge Capsule Red 1 PBR New.pz2
Front Grips 1 PBR New.pz2
Laser Sight 1 PBR New.pz2
Night Scope 1 PBR New.pz2
Pulse 3 Pulse 3 PBR New.pz2
Pulse Rifle 1 PBR New.pz2
Stock Extender 1 PBR New .pz2
Tripod Mount 1 PBR New.pz2
In Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Weapons>Pulse Rifle>
Charge Capsule Green 1 PBR New.pz2
Charge Capsule Red 1 PBR New.pz2
Front Grips 1 PBR New.pz2
Laser Sight 1 PBR New.pz2
Night Scope 1 PBR New.pz2
Pulse 3 Pulse 3 PBR New.pz2
Pulse Rifle 1 PBR New.pz2
Stock Extender 1 PBR New .pz2
Tripod Mount 1 PBR New.pz2
In Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Weapons>Pulse Rifle>Smart
Smart Charge Capsule 1.pp2
Smart Charge Capsule 2.pp2
Smart Laser Sight 1 Camo.pp2
Smart Laser Sight 1.pp2
Smart Pulse 3.pp2
Smart Pulse Rifle 1 Ft Grips.pp2
Smart RH Pulse Rifle 1.pp2 < Smart Mounts into Right Hand you have to adjust grip n fingers
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