Modern Architecture Walls - Kit1

Modern Architecture Walls - Kit1

To build a middle-ground view or close-up scene, you often need to fill the background with something that allows the viewer to focus on the objects of interest in the middle or foreground. This "something" can be a fence, a wall, buildings or background vegetation. Walls and fences are particularly useful for framing a scene because they are low in polygon count, allowing you to reserve your computer memory for the more complex objects of interest in the middle or foreground.

This package contains two different modern architecture fence and wall kits for this purpose.

One kit is for a modern wooden fence with a walk-though gate. The second kit is for a modern stucco wall with a long driveway rolling gate. Both kits allow you to build as much fence, including fence corners and background fence as you need.

The wooden fence kit has six fence sections of honey-colored beech, a wooden gate, gate hardware and a set of house or gate numbers. Each fence section has a unique set of boards so that when you assemble a long section of fence, the sections will have natural variation. All the gate hardware pieces are independent objects, allowing you to assign materials of your choice. (For illustration, Picture 2 and Picture 3 show the gate hardware for this Wooden Fence in two different materials - black steel and green bronze.)

The stucco kit has four sections of stucco wall of different heights, two cylindrical gate lamps, and a long rolling gate on wheels. Two of the stucco wall sections are medium-length plain stucco. The other two wall sections are less wide, slightly taller, and are "inset" with polished wooden slats framed in blue anodized aluminium. The driveway gate is made of polished wooden slats, also framed in blue anodized aluminium.

The components of both kits are high resolution and use very detailed normal maps to give surface detail to the boards, walls and hardware. These kits also will support very close views. For example, you could pose a set of flower petals in a garden pot with one of the fence walls behind it to provide contrasting color to the flowers. The wood grain of the wooden fence planks, or the sharp points of the stucco plaster will display nicely in the close-up view.

All the hardware (gate latches, hinges, the cylindrical tube lamps and gate/house numbers are independent objects. You can save these out and use these in other scenes with other prop sets.

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