Savage Weapons for Dawn

Savage Weapons for Dawn

The Savage Weapons is a stone-age styled set of weapons for Dawn made of wood, bones, leather, and stone. Compatible with Poser 10+/Pro2014+.

What's Included and Features:

* Compound bow (preset option with arrow included)
* Stone headed arrows
* Weaved quiver (preset option loaded with arrows included)
* Stone ax with wooden handle
* Wooden club with leather strapped handle
* Jawbone stone knife
* Turtle shell shield with leather straps
* Jawbone sling blade with leather strapped handle
* Stone head long spear

* Archer full body pose right side
* Archer full body pose left side
* Standing with spear full body pose

* SmartProp versions of all props, ready to be equipped on Dawn's left or right side. Hand poses included!

Some props include additional morphs:

* Bow: arrow shooting shape
* Spear: feather is fully posable, and the stone head shape can be customized.

Materials (.mc6)
11 Material presets

29 Hi-res textures

Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +

Compatible figures: Dawn - Dawn S.E.

Props for Poser and Daz Studio