There are many excellent renderings of scenes where the heroine or hero is partially immersed in water. Be that fighting, evading enemies, or just having fun in the water. Almost all scenes imply motion, based on the pose our action star takes on. Yet, there could be something missing! In the rendered images, while running or slashing, our heroes stand amidst a still, motionless body of water. There is no trace of ripples or waves supporting the dynamic motion shown in the scene.

Well, not anymore! The Wading product includes three distinct model sequences (Sets 1, 2 and 3) of a body of water reacting to a human wading into it (the sloping plane representing the 'bottom' of the water body and a human model is not part of the Wading product, you need to supply your own human :o) ). To ensure realism, the models were generated using a fluid dynamics simulation to capture the formation of eddies and waves as a body wades into and submerges in water. Each set contains twenty (20) distinct prop models giving rise to sixty (60) highly detailed models in total. Two of the sets (Sets 1 and 2) show the effect of a human body entering a previously still water surface (a lake or pond for example) and the third set (Set 3) shows water that already has visible waves (sea or ocean). In Set 1, the effect of a human body wading in about knee deep is shown, while in Set 2 and 3, the water responds to a human wading in about chest deep. In about fifteen models in each set, the effect of a human body moving forward and downward is shown. In the remaining models of a set, the human stops moving, and the waves propagate and dissipate accordingly.

I hope these new props models will add a splash of fun to your scenes.
Happy rendering!

Daz Studio 4

Props for Poser and Daz Studio