Scene Power Building: How to Quickly Build Content-Rich Daz Studio Scenes

Scene Power Building: How to Quickly Build Content-Rich Daz Studio Scenes

It can be a cumbersome process to build a content-rich scene in Daz Studio.

If you are choosing and setting up dozens of similar models to fill a scene, it can be slow work. Imagine if you could quickly prototype scenes with random models and you could control the probability of how each model would be used!

Totte Alm (Code66) regularly produces super useful scripts for Daz Studio.

He has built two scripting tools that can do all the heavy lifting of creating these kinds of scenes: Traffic Patterns Script (includes a prop collection) and FlockIt. Both can be used for populating your sets quickly, but there are important steps to take with the scene setup when using these scripts. It s good to know that Traffic Patterns can be used for any kind of population, not just vehicles. Since FlockIt uses instances, it can generate complex, almost particle-like object groups for scenes.

In this tutorial, Code66 shows you scene setups in utilizing these scripts and the best ways to use each of them.

He shows multiple scene set-up ideas that will open up your imagination for using these utilities. Totte also looks at some of his related script products that can quickly populate props in a scene, such as Crate Factory and Stack Em.

Imagine rapidly creating a:

Sci-fi city with streams of speeder-filled air traffic

Fast-generated sci-fi city built with Stonemason s Greeble City Blocks

The contemporary street scene is filled with traffic

Skeleton army ready to do battle

Line of policemen chasing down a criminal

This tutorial product has a duration of 1 hour and 24 minutes and includes searchable videos with optional captions.

About the Presenter: Totte Alm (Code 66)

Totte lives in Sweden and has been programming since the late 70s. He started to dabble in 3D back in the early 1990s with StrataVision 3D and later Bryce.

His interest in the world of Daz Studio started around 2010 to create maps and handouts for the many tabletop role-playing game adventures he was writing and playing.

Totte started to create some 3D content for Daz Studio in 2015 and then gradually moved over to create more and more script-based products instead of pure 3D prop content.

His favorite tools for making 3D products and textures are Modo, UVLayout, the Substance suite, and FilterForge.

Totte has been an independent IT consultant for over 20 years and also has been using Daz Studio renders in dialogs in many bespoke development projects for various clients to brighten up otherwise boring programs!

He spends a lot of time walking the dogs and tries to play role-playing games as much as time provides.

What's Included and Features

  • Scene Power Building: How to Quickly Build Content-Rich Daz Studio Scenes
  • Total Running Time: 1 hour and 24 minutes
  • Total File size: 648 MB
  • Chapter List:
    • Video 1 : 21 minutes (.MP4)
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 00:01 Code 66 introduces Stack em up
    • 00:02 Starts to build Coruscant sci-fi city scene
    • 00:03 Select Stonemason city block models and set up parameters for Stack em up
    • 00:04 Run the script and generated the city.
    • 00:06 Reposition the camera in the set
    • 00:07 Add in other types of blocks
    • 00:08 Traffic Patterns : Car Pool : create a sky ships traffic line for the sci-fi city
    • 00:10 Consider parameters. Set parameters jitter, lights on, and execute
    • 00:12 Control over compacting the traffic on the controller.
    • 00:13 Altering the control line and duplicating the traffic node.
    • 00:14 Apply the same population to the second node.
    • 00:16 Introduce a third node
    • 00:17 Import the three traffic nodes into the sci-fi city scene. Rescale.
    • 00:19 Render of the sci-fi city scene.
    • 00:20 Best viewport mode to use for the scene build?
    • Video 2 : 1 hour and 2 minutes (.MP4)
    • 00:00 Using Traffic Patterns to build a scene with riders, horses and wagons.
    • 00:02 Different colouring and poses for models in Traffic Patterns.
    • 00:04 The pig cart : wearables trick
    • 00:06 Posing the monk ready for the scene : testing
    • 00:08 Loading the props with Traffic Patterns
    • 00:10 Importance of low resolution props
    • 00:11 Using tags in the Traffic Patterns carpool script
    • 00:15 Now using Town Builder script to build a curbed street of houses.
    • 00:17 Most of Code66’s scripts allow for your own selection of models.
    • 00:19 Find the chicken props for the Flock-it script.
    • 00:20 Duplicate the chicken prop and set up poses. Add the controller.
    • 00:21 Using the Flock-it randomiser
    • 00:22 A word on using legacy props when using moving them after using Flock-it.
    • 00:24 Flock-it can be used without instances.
    • 00:25 Traffic Patterns to build a Skeleton Army (figures by Predatron)
    • 00:27 Set up the parameters for this and run the script
    • 00:29 Alter the controller for the Skeleton line.
    • 00:30 Suggestion of how to build a battle scene
    • 00:31 New scene : Low res people select figures and poses
    • 00:33 Continue to add figures and poses
    • 00:35 Run the script to create a line of policemen in different poses.
    • 00:36 How to do rows instead of columns for traffic patterns
    • 00:39 Crate Factory script : how to use and arrange crates for the script
    • 00:41 Run the script to create an instant warehouse scene.
    • 00:43 Options for this script and includes documentation on how to make your own crate props.
    • 00:45 Contemporary highway scene (using Divided Highway by FirstBastion).
    • 00:46 Set up the parameters for the Traffic Patterns script and run
    • 00:48 Build up more traffic pattern columns for the highway.
    • 00:50 Complete traffic for all six lanes.
    • 00:52 Completed render for a Blues Brothers type scene.
    • 00:52 Can you make an instance of a carpool column?
    • 00:54 Making your life easier as an artist using Code66s scripts.
    • 00:55 Code66 is a fan of big scenes lots of props and characters.
    • 00:58 How is a have a seat script different from a hedge maker?
  • Software Used: DAZ Studio
  • File Types:MP4

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