Tech Trooper - Extended License

Tech Trooper - Extended License

Tech Trooper is an animated 3d model with 16 animations (!), 10046 triangles, 2 LOD stages (6000 and 3000 triangles), 1 weapon model, textures in tga, and png format.
Included in this pack:

- 3 Animated models without weapon (main, LOD1 and LOD2), to attach weapon model by code.
- 1300 animation frames.
- DTS format have separate DSQ files for each animation and properly resized
- Color, spec, normal maps included!

Software: UNREAL Game Engine, UNITY, U3D-Universal 3D Format, FBX Format

Requirements:  Any game engine that can run the supported file types. Such as Unity 4+ or Unreal Game engine.

Compatible figures: 
Stand Alone Figures for Poser and Daz Studio