Advanced Wood And Metal Shaders Bundle

Advanced Wood And Metal Shaders Bundle

Advanced Wood And Metal Shaders Bundle includes all the tools you need to render easily and with a great quality all your wood and metal props and environments.

They both include new parameters and new dials to enhance the DAZ default material in order to have better control over your highlights and reflections.

Advanced Wood Shadersinclude wood shader presets divided in 10 families of various wood patterns, available in 2 orientations (vertical or horizontal), all of them coming with 6 specular models (3Delight, Blinn, Phong, DAZ Studio Default, DAZ Studio Advanced, Rough models). On each of these models (except DAZ Studio Default), you will now find two highlight drivers in order to shape your highlights like never before : first the usual glossiness, then a second driver based on the specular model you choose. Advanced wood shaders also includes additional shaders giving you the opportunity both to switch from one specular model to another, and the possibility to add ray traced reflections, with a dial allowing you to switch progressively from a map based reflection to a full ray traced one.

Avdanced Metal Shadersis based upon an even more complete model, including all the additional inputs and dials you need to render realistic metals, and to cover in a single shader preset type all the metal types, from rough and damaged metals to perfect polished ones. Itincludes 15 base shader presets all available in two presets and in two orientations butit is alsoareal toolbox of more than one hundred sub-property presets to customize metal reflection types and surface finish.

Advanced metal shaders include a unique association of features such as the use of blinn brdf in specular to simulate roughness, possibility to force reflections above usual limits, to adjust precisely the ray trace contribution versus environment maps contributions, to use and dial two displacement maps and dial one normal map, and even more.

Transform your existing materials in Metals, thanks to a metal shader base applier adding all the additional features and dials of the advanced metal shaders, but keeping the existing diffuse, ambient and bump map of any existing material based on DAZ default Material.

Advanced Wood and Metal Shaders are powerful tools for realistic renders, easy to use and highly customizable.

Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6
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