Design Resource: Fairy & Elf Transparent Seamless Overlays

Design Resource: Fairy & Elf Transparent Seamless Overlays

-- Chock full of mystical fairy and elf images, this whimsical overlay pack will come in handy when designing beautiful background papers, borders, frames, web pages, scrapbook layouts, etc. for the fairy lover in you!

-- This is a design resource pack of 30 seamless transparent PNG overlays and was created to save you both time and extra work, while also helping you create hundreds of lovely fairy and elf designs! You will also receive a .pat file of the same overlay/patterns to be installed into your Photoshop 7 & Above patterns folder. Once installed, you can use the .pat file directly inside your Photoshop.

-- I had so much fun designing these overlays that several other products (which were derived from this one) will be coming out in my store sometime soon! These have a fun, whimsical quality and can be used in hundreds of different ways for many types of design projects-year after year! And because these overlays are .png files that can be used just about any image editing application.

-- All of the overlays are totally seamless and have no background or shadows. Created at 300dpi, they will work perfectly for either the web or print design and are a quick and easy way to make textured backgrounds! As a design resource, you can feel feel free to create beautifuly embossed fairy and elf product page backgrounds to showcase your products. Or design your own picture frame using the overlays!

-- There are lots of whimsical fairy and elf well as many different things we have come to associate with the fairy realm: mushrooms, butterflies, dragonflies, stars, moons, sparkles, harps, flutes, flowers, frogs and birds, are but a few that you will find nestled inside these overlays.

-- Of course, you can also style them with layer styles; use other plug-in filters on them; emboss or engrave them or even fill them with solid colors or prints. Create beautiful embellishments, wallpapers, backgrounds, scrap booking papers, fill picture frames, clothing, household items, etc. Use them over and over again.

-- Tip: Because these overlays are seamless and 600x600 pixels, you can fill any size image (divisible by 600) by using your pattern fill tool or paint bucket and tapping the overlay inside with one click!

-- MINI-TUT: Using your ruler and tap a 1200 pixels transparency at 600 pixels height x 600 pixels width point on your page and it will still be seamless. The same applies for any blank image or background that is divisible by 600: 1200, 1800, 2400, 3600 pixels, etc. So, you are not just limited to using them at the 600pixels size.

Product Contents:
-- 30 original and SEAMLESS transparent Fairy & Elf Print overlay textures. 600x600 pixels each; 300dpi; png file format.
--One .pat file that contains all 30 seamless overlays (in one file) and can be installed into your Photoshop 7 & Above patterns folder.

-- Two of the product page thumbnails will direct you to easy directions and examples of how to create beautiful background papers with these overlays. Keep in mind that these are only two ways to create quick backgrounds...and there are many others!

-- Click on the thumbnails below to view the product pages and get inspired by some of the images you can create. Please remember that all examples are reduced in size. Since these were created at a high resolution, it's easy to re-size. Just use your 'un-sharp mask' tool for a crisper, clearer image.

Requirements: Any program that accepts/edits .png files; Photoshop 7 & Above for the .pat file

Digital ProductFile (1): 9.96 MB

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