Ornamental Colours Seamless Texture Pack

Ornamental Colours Seamless Texture Pack

--This is a set of 32 seamless textures that have a rich ornamental texture in a variety of different colors!

--I designed this set for those of you who have made requests for textures because you love the look of my ornate layer styles but can't use them.

--Clicking on the thumbnails will show you a sample of each texture and also examples that I designed while using these textures to give you some idea of what you might try using these for.

--Since each texture was created in .png file format, these shiny ornamental colored (which includes silver and gold) textures can be used in any image editing program that accepts/edits .png files!

--Try them as pattern fills for alphas, frames, shapes, clothing, furniture, wallpaper, text and brush layers.

--Each pattern is unique and can be used in hundreds of different ways. Since they are seamless, you can make them any size that you need for your project!

--Also includes: the .pat file of all 32 patterns/textures so you can install them into your Photoshop pattern folder, if you use Photoshop.

--These are perfect for creating jewelry, belt buckles and other accessories for your 3D characters and are a merchant resource as long as you follow the copyright terms in the Read me file.

--These textures were created at 300 dpi and are 600 x 600 pixels in dimension.

Package contains:
*32 Seamless Ornamental Colored Textures/Tiles/Patterns
*Created at 300dpi
*600x600 pixels each
*png file format
*pat file for Photoshop

Requirements:  Any program that reads .png files, Photoshop 7 and Above for .pat file

Textures for Poser and Daz Studio