Tiny House and Parklands

Tiny House and Parklands

Tiny House and Parklands

This is a massively powerful, yet easy-to-use House with a completely furnished interior along with on or off interior and exterior lighting. It is also set in many compelling and highly detailed Natural Parkland environments. It also is a complete World Set within Daz Studio if you wish to build your own worlds with plants, trees landscape and more.

This Pack Includes

4 Environment Setups: two high-quality rendering setups and two mid-quality rendering setups

2 Add Scene Setups: these include the Tiny House, plus paths, trees, bushes, pond, vines, and a full landscape in 2 different Scene arrangements.

Simply add one of these to an Environment setup of your choice and you are good to go.

20 Fully Setup Scenes: These Scenes come with many different looks and angles and environment optimizations, including cameras inside the House with lights on

and also Night Scenes, Sunset Scenes, and amazing Parkland scenes

48 Separate Obj Files: Build your Scene from scratch, with trees, plants, bushes, landscapes etc..and 2 totally different textured versions of the Tiny House.

Morphs: You can open and close the door, lower the lights etc..in the Tiny House, you can lower the grass, flatten the hills and adjust the horizons to suit the Scene.

Sundial: You can add the Sundial to a Scene that’s built from scratch. plus 11 main Sundial Positions for the Sun.

Cameras: 14 Different Camera Setups with different views and Camera Parameters.

Lights: Turn on or off all upper and lower House lights separately, and outer Lanterns and path lights as well. (See Night Images) You can use your custom characters to pose and live inside the house. You can also just use the Parklands to create your own scenes and add whatever buildings you wish to.

In conclusion, Tiny House and Parklands is very easy to use so it does not really require a very large user guide, simply install it and open Daz Studio, add a Preset scene and you are good to go.


What's Included and Features

  • Tiny House and Parklands (.DUF)
  • Tiny House Morphs:
    • Lower Main Lights
    • Lower Upper Lights
    • Open Main Door
    • Open Shed Door
  • Scenes
    • Tiny House 1 Scene-Main1
    • Tiny House 2 Scene-Main2
    • Tiny House 3 Scene-Side1A
    • Tiny House 4 Scene-Side1B
    • Tiny House 5 Scene-Side2A
    • Tiny House 5 Scene-Side2B
    • Tiny House 6 ParklandsA
    • Tiny House 6 ParklandsB
    • Tiny House 6 Scene-NightA
    • Tiny House 6 Scene-NightB
    • Tiny House 7 Scene-SunsetA
    • Tiny House 7 Scene-SunsetB
    • Tiny House 7 Scene-SunsetC
    • Tiny House 7 Scene-SunsetD
    • Tiny House 8 Portrait ImageA
    • Tiny House 8 Portrait ImageB
    • Tiny House 9 House LowerA
    • Tiny House 9 House LowerB
    • Tiny House 9 House UpperA
    • Tiny House 9 House UpperB
    • Tiny House 1 Env SetupA HQ
    • Tiny House 1 Env SetupB HQ
    • Tiny House 1 Env SetupC MidQ
    • Tiny House 1 Env SetupD MidQ
  • Presets
    • Tiny House 2 Add SceneA
    • Tiny House 2 Add SceneB
  • Props
    • Add Sundial
  • Sundial Presets:
    • Position Default
    • Position Front Side Hard Left/Right
    • Position Front Side Left/Low/Right
    • Position Midday
    • Position Rear Left/Low/Right
    • Position Rear
  • Preset Cameras
    • Tiny House All Cams SS
    • Tiny House Cam 1-9
    • Tiny House Cam 10
    • Tiny House Cam 11
    • Tiny House Cam 12A
    • Tiny House Cam 12B
  • Materials:
    • Tiny House 1 House Lanterns off/on
    • Tiny House 2 House Lower Lights Off/On
    • Tiny House 3 House Upper Lights Off/On
    • Tiny House 4 Path Lanterns off/on
  • Textures Include:
    • 351 Texture, Bump, Normal, Specular, and Transparency Maps (512 x 512 to 4000 x 2000)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install