AtoZ Kudos DragonFire I v1

AtoZ Kudos DragonFire I v1

AtoZ DragonFire I v1

Sealed in the cockpit for hours already, Nigil was more than ready when his orders came. His DragonFire had been maintaining its ready status ever since he had been sealed inside. The launch was the usual brutal kick-in-the-butt of acceleration. Vaulting out into the Kudos morning was like launching out at what would be a near night time launch anywhere else in the universe. Even climbing to orbital out of the thick caustic atmosphere it didn't get much lighter. The bandits were still well outside the atmosphere. As usual the intruders were tiny one man skimmers. Having snuck past the Deep Ten Net, they wanted to spread out and try to evade the inner defenses and make a run at the surface.
Nigil made it up into the blackness of the pre-dawn and quickly showed the bandits they were now in trouble. Directed from several watch towers below he quickly evaded being hit himself as the remaining skimmers attempted to dive into the atmosphere. As was common several of the cluster he followed entered too steeply and simply burned up or broke apart and then burned up!
The remaining two he followed barely pushed his DragonFire to even half power. He once again fired his Pulse Ion Cannon and saw he had gotten one bandit, but the other veered away... He banked in response to follow and despatch the last bandit. However, it had dived into thick cloud cover. Nigil calmly placed his DragonFire into its unique hover mode, his hover turbine rotating at high speed howled behind his isolated cockpit. It received Microwave Energy beams from below and he knew that the skimmer couldn't have the fuel necessary, not to make a run for the surface. He cruised along just waiting for as long as he had to for that to take place.

The DragonFire included in this set has 12 ERC controlled rotating and elevating Laser Turrets, two powerful articulated Ion Cannons that can be rotated to simulate charging and retract in recoil. This ship is an animators dream. It also has a massive (ERC) spinning turbine that uses the atmosphere of Kudos redirecting it out of three (ERC) adjustable vertical lift jets on the bottom of its fuselage. The cocpit and pilot also have many adjustments so that there isn't a chance that bandits steal from Kudos!

Be advised that as noted on the Promotional Pictures that the following AtoZ products are not included. The AtoZ Wild Skies skydome, AtoZ Terrains terrain and AtoZ DT Pulse Cannon "lines of bolts" are each available in three other sets available exclusively from AtoZ here at Renderosity!

You get:
Figures: One stripped down DragonFire and one that is fully equiped with all the thrusters and main engine ERC controllable peices and parts.

Two Sets of Poser 7 Lights

Four Sets of MAD Poser 7 Cameras
(MAD for Main, Aux and Dolly)

HiREs MAT files for the DragonFire and its thrusters

A Pilot Pose for Michael 4

Props: Smart and otherwise for the accessory pieces that load into the "fully equipped figure"

BONUS! Two 2D Panels of one exploding bandit and another peeling away... each panel is a view from a different

Poser and DAZ Source Files are in:
Geometries\TJM\ Kudos & Effects
Textures\TJM & TJM\ Kudos & Effects
Pose\TJM\Kudos\DragonFire\ MATS and Poses(1)
Props\TJM\Kudos\DragonFire\ non-Textured & Smart
& \Effects

DAZ 3D File to load is in:
Scene Subsets\TJM\SciFi

I hope you will add this AtoZ installment from our Kudos Series to your AtoZ Runtime Libraries. And if you do so may we thank you in advance.

Tim Machan, aka Tiger9166, aka AtoZ
AtoZ Copyright 2019 all rights reserved as spelled out in the Renderosity licencing agreements!

Planet Kudos

Where is the Kudos System? What is so unique about the planet Kudos? I'll ask you to imagine a system moving outward from the center of the Big Bang faster than any other. Then imagine a planet that has it's sun circling it. Can you picture a shifting molten surface with few stable continnents? Woukld you dare visit it's highly radioactive surface? In order to do this you'll have to descend throught it's heavily clouded atmosphere that is extremely toxic and corrosive. If you make it you will then be able to witness storm systems that move at 800 miles per hour. They travel with miles long sweeping lightning panels that last for hours. Can you begin to imagine the extraordinary pressures these panels exert on the surface, let alone the heat they generate? Behind these panels are powerful superheated updrafts that carry molten materials miles into the sky where they congeal. Behind these storms these now purified materials rain down on the surface. It is no surpize that the surface of Kudos is littered with layer upon layer of pure rare minerals and gems. It is a planet whose value is beyond comprehension. Now, who has found this place and dared to try to tame it? With pirates, theives and scoundrels trying to scoop up the planet's treasure, how do they protected it? Beyond all this are its deepest mysteries, the secrets of its existence. The planet's discovery and answers to the questions above and so much more are available to you at Amazon Books (Kindle)... The first book of “The Chronicles of Kudos” is titled “Way Station II” and you can read some of it there for free!

Poser 7+, Daz Studio 4

Transportation for Poser and Daz Studio