C-27 Aircraft for DAZ Studio

C-27 Aircraft for DAZ Studio

The C-27A Spartan is a twin turboprop engine aircraft designed to meet Air Force requirements for a rugged, medium size air and land transport. The aircraft is particularly suited for short-to-medium range tactical operations into semi-prepared airfields as short as 1,800 feet. The C-27A is an all-weather, day/night transport with capabilities to perform medical evacuation missions. It can carry 24 litters and four medical attendants, or 34 ground troops. The Spartan has a cargo capacity of more than 2,000 cubic feet, or 12,000 pounds. The C-27A operates with a three person crew of aircraft commander, copilot and loadmaster. The Air Force C-27A fleet consists of 10 aircraft stationed with the 24th Wing at Howard AFB, Panama, and flown by aircrews from 310th Airlift Squadron.

Product Features:
* DAZ Studio prop: dsf, duf/ png, with 53,411 polygons.
* Tail rudder can rotate, with a Pose Control dial on the Body.
* Left and right propellers can rotate, with a Pose Control dial on the Body.
* Landing gear wheels can raise up and down.
* Landing gear doors can open and close.
- A Pose Control dial on the Body controls both the landing gear wheels and landing gear doors.
* Three sets of left and right wing flaps can rotate up and down.
- A Pose Control dial on the Body raises or lowers the flaps.
- A second Pose Control dial on the Body raises or lowers the flaps opposite each other for banking turns.
* Rear cargo door can open and close, with a Pose Control dial on the Body.
* Includes an interior cargo bay (with texture maps).
* Includes a basic cockpit which can be seen through the windows.
-Note: The cockpit wasn't designed for interior shots.
* Blade Blur: replaces the left and right propellers with a blurred prop to simulate the spinning of the blades.
- The rotation of the Blade Blur props are controlled by the same Pose Control dial that controls the rotation of the main propellers.
* The side doors do not open.

* Hide/ show blade blur, which also hides and shows the propellers.

Textures/ Material Files:
* Gray (US Air Force)
* Yellow and Red (Canadian Air Force)
* All of the materials use Iray shaders.

All sales images rendered in DAZ Studio with an HDRI skydome environment.

Designed for use in DAZ Studio 4.9 and above with Iray. Not recommended for use in other software programs.

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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