Chinese River Boats For Vue

Chinese River Boats For Vue

Here are four traditional Chinese river boats, each with a set of very detailed props.

* The Vegetable Boat has a paper lantern at the bow, a long sweep to push the boat, two different baskets and two bamboo tubs.
The baskets hold old yellow bell peppers and purple eggplants. An orange bell pepper rests on the fore deck. A point light is pre-positioned in the paper lantern.

* The Fishing Boat has a paper lantern at the bow, two oars, an aluminum fish net, and folded awning and a basket with a fish.
This boat is accompanied by a hummingbird in flight. A point light is pre-positioned in the paper lantern.

* The Duck Boat has two light-colored oars, a stack of duck crates on the stern, and two ducks in the crates.
This boat has a "well" in the bow of the boat. The well and the fore deck are used for preparing a duck to eat.

* An optional painter with a brass ring is positioned on the front of Duck Boat. This is used to moor a boat to a pier, dock or another boat.

All four boats have mooring rings on the front and the rear. The painter can be positioned on any ring, so it can be used on any of the boats, either at bow or stern.

* The Long Boat has curved edges, two short oars and an old wooden box.
This kind of boat is used to ferry people - kind of a water taxi. It has curved edges. An optional a rope ("painter") in the front is tied to a bamboo stake that can be used to moor the boat near a river bank.

All the boats have "boat-specific plugs" that are used to make it appear as if there is no water inside the boat when the boat is set into a river at a natural depth. Instructions for using the "plugs" are shown in three illustrations included in the package.

Software: Vue 9

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