Dwarven Merchant Ship for Poser

Dwarven Merchant Ship for Poser

Dwarves ply their trade goods wherever there is a market; while they prefer overland travel, they also build powered ships to carry their goods. This ship has an ample cargo deck that is supported by mechanical tackle for moving goods. A crew quarters is at the front of the ship, and at the back is the command deck, complete with controls for the engine and a comms horn.

Components: Complete Ship, Anchor, Barrel, Hammock, Rope, Ballista, Ballista Balls, Box (4), Chair, Chest, Engine, Navigation Tools, Stove, Table.

About Dwarven Journeys
Many races believe erroneously that dwarves are afraid of the sea - yet armored dwarven vessels sail to far off lands, trading and seeking out a new homeland for the exile tribes. Dwarven Journeys Volume 1 - aka Dwarves and the Sea - is a collection of water craft models based around the Dwarf themes.

Software: Poser 8+

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