OFF ROAD FOG LIGHT 2 - Extended License

OFF ROAD FOG LIGHT 2 - Extended License

The model is mid poly and was created with 3DS Max 2014, there are also Cinema 4D, Blender and Maya files with textures.


The model has 3698 polygons, goes up to 4258 with the cover. It contains 9 elements:

- Cover
- Lens
- Proyector
- Led
- Ball joint mount
- Light front side
- Light rear side
- Cable
- Bolts

Elements are located in an appropiate layer and they are logically named/grouped so they can be separeted to adjust to your needs.

The model contains quads and tris (no N-gons).

Scale transform is set to 100%, units are set to centimeters, texture paths are stripped and and it is made to real world scale on all files.

Other files included: 3DS, OBJ and FBX.


Renders were made with Mental Ray and have no post processing.

Product is ready to render out of the box (3DS Max only).

Lights and cameras are not included.


A Standard material is used to contain both TGA texture, bump and specular maps with 1024 x 1024 resolution.


This model is suitable for use in games, virtual reality, augmented reality, broadcast, design visualization, forensic presentation, technical demonstrations, etc.

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