Unreal Engine Master Class Series 2

Unreal Engine Master Class Series 2

Unreal Engine MasterClass 2

(made in Unreal 5.0)

This is a four-part series using Daz Studio and Unreal Engine together in the character creation and development process. Some of the topics covered in the series as a whole include: Daz to Unreal plugin, Morphs, Groom Hair, Metahuman, Pawn and Actor Blueprints, Repairing Basic Foot IKs, Control Rigs, Creating IK Rigs and IK Re-Targeters, Animations, Lighting, and Best Importing Options. Each part of the series builds upon the last, so as we get more comfortable with the Unreal Engine, we go deeper and deeper into character development.

There is a free 25-minute video sample available for you here: Free Video

MasterClass Series 2 continues the knowledge learned from Class 1. We will dive deeper inside Unreal Engine, working with the creation of a Pawn character using a combination of Daz figures and Metahuman figures. This combination really provides the best of both worlds, using a figure that has custom clothing and a head with completely realistic textures. Through this class, we will be learning:

Unreal Materials

Understanding the Material editor

Difference between Master and Instance materials

Example Master material setup

Showing various techniques and nodes in creating a Master material

Daz Setup

Figure setup


Metahuman Creation

Using Metahuman Creator

Exporting to Unreal

Creating a Character Blueprint

Creating a Pawn blueprint

Combining Daz and Metahuman Together

Understanding using Unreal linking techniques

Positioning the mesh

Adding and binding Metahuman facial follicle features



Peach fuzz

Adding Accessories to the Figures

Using sockets

Making use of Parent/Child relationships

Positioning assets inside of Unreal editor

Understanding Levels of Detail (LODs)

What are they?

How to control them

Figure Masking

Masking the Metahuman head so it blends in with our Daz figure

Applying Morphs to a Pawn Class

Different morph technique than 3rd person

Importing a Control Rig

What is it?

How to import the Control Rigs into your Unreal project

Altering Animations Using a Control Rig

Creating an Animation sequence

Bake to Control Rig

Using Additive layers

Creating hand poses

Creating Morph Animations

Using Unreal animation editor

Applying your morphs within an animation

Setting keyframes

Adding Blueprint Coding

For creating an editable spline path

For creating a position and timing logic to animate our figure along the spline path

What's Included and Features

  • Unreal Engine MasterClass Series 2
  • Total Running Time: 2h 27 min
  • Total File size: 985 MB
  • Chapter List:
    • Unreal MasterClass Series 2-1 : 45:16 minutes
    • Unreal MasterClass Series 2-2 : 22:59 minutes
    • Unreal MasterClass Series 2-3 : 28:15 minutes
    • Unreal MasterClass Series 2-4 : 21:23 minutes
    • Unreal MasterClass Series 2-5 : 29:06 minutes
  • Software Used:
    • Unreal
  • File Types:
    • Mp4

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install