Unreal Engine MasterClass Series 1

Unreal Engine MasterClass Series 1

Unreal Engine MasterClass 1

(made in Unreal 5.0)

This is a four-part series using Daz Studio and Unreal Engine together in the character creation and development process. Some of the topics covered in the series as a whole include: Daz to Unreal plugin, Morphs, Groom Hair, Metahuman, Pawn and Actor Blueprints, Repairing Basic Foot IKs, Control Rigs, Creating IK Rigs and IK Re-Targeters, Animations, Lighting, and Best Importing Options. Each part of the series builds upon the last, so as we get more comfortable with the Unreal Engine, we go deeper and deeper into character development.

There is a free 25-minute video sample available for you here: Free Video

MasterClass Series 1 is a deeply dedicated look at using Unreal Engine 5 along with the Daz to Unreal plugin. During the course of this class, you interact with Unreal Engine in a way that provides a thorough understanding of:

Best Importing Options.

What I use and why.


Understanding Lumen.

Setting Lumen parameters.

Understanding lighting inside of Unreal.

Using the Daz to Unreal Plugin.

Creating a 3rd-Person Character.

This is the basis for figures inside of Unreal; from this format, you begin to understand the concepts of character creation within Unreal: Applying animations.

Understanding levels of detail

How to attach items to your character


What is it?

When and why?

Applying Hair.

Importing Daz hair.

Using sockets.

Applying Groom Hair.

Creating a Metahuman character.

Importing Metahuman assets.

Morphs Inside Unreal.

How to set your morphs up inside the 3rd person Graph editor.

Repairing IKs.

Lesson explanation of what's exactly happening.

Solving the hip/neck issue.

Solving the feet not following the ground terrain.

Animation Tweaks.

Working inside the Animation editor.

Adjusting animations.

Re-Importing New Morphs.

The process of importing new morphs without destroying previous work.

Creation of a Popup Morph Editor Window.

Creating a Widget.

Morph Editor setup inside of 3rd person Graph editor.

Adjust your morphs in real time.

What's Included and Features

  • Unreal Engine MasterClass Series 1: (.MP4)
    • Total Running Time: 2h:13 min
  • Total File size:
    • 1.16 Gb
  • Chapter List:
    • Unreal Master Class Series 1-1: 12:29 minutes
    • Unreal Master Class Series 1-2: 15:09 minutes
    • Unreal Master Class Series 1-3: 18:31 minutes
    • Unreal Master Class Series 1-4: 16:37 minutes
    • Unreal Master Class Series 1-5: 22:28 minutes
    • Unreal Master Class Series 1-6: 21:15 minutes
    • Unreal Master Class Series 1-7: 26:25 minutes
  • Software Used:
    • Unreal
  • File Types:
    • Mp4

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install