Character Animation in the Unreal Engine

Character Animation in the Unreal Engine

This tutorial series is part of the Real-Time Filmmaking course, teaching you the tools you need to tell cinematic stories in the Unreal Game Engine. Once you understand this workflow you can create beautiful scenes with your own Daz characters and render animated movies in real time.

Character animation creates the action of your cinematic story. In this tutorial series I show you how to bring your character to life with animations gathered from the massive Mixamo motion-capture database.

I cover useful tips and tricks for how to edit and correctly import animations into the Unreal Engine. I also cover how to re-target your Mixamo animations to your Daz Genesis 3 character's skeleton using Autodesk Maya. Then I dive into Unreal's powerful cinematic tool Sequencer, blending animations together and crafting the action of the story.

With this course you learn the steps to bring an animated action sequence from your imagination to life inside the Unreal Engine.

What's Included and Features

  • With this course you get 1 hour and 25 minutes of video tutorials, divided into 5 videos (.MP4):
  • Gathering & Importing Animations - 21:32
    • Gather motion-capture animations from the Mixamo animation catalog, make tweaks in Autodesk Maya, and then import them into Unreal.
  • Re-targeting Animation to Daz Characters - 18:03
    • Learn the process of re-targeting Mixamo animations to your Daz Genesis 3 character using Autodesk Maya.
  • Animating With Sequencer - 21:18
    • Use Unreal’s powerful Sequencer tool for assembling the character animation in your cinematic story.
  • Attaching Objects to Characters - 8:30
    • Learn how to use Unreal’s socketing system to attach weapons or other assets to your character.
  • Animation Tips & Facial Animation - 15:40
    • Review tips and tricks for crafting an animation sequence, including adding facial expressions to your animations.

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