3D Cyborg Tutorial

3D Cyborg Tutorial

Need that frightening cyborg in your scene, but want use your favorite female or male model? Maybe your lead character needs an animatable robot arm? Or maybe a hole in the face? Then 3D Cyborg is for you... You'll master how to blend variours human and robotic characters into awesome looking cyborgs, all inside Daz Studio or with additional optional effects using 3D modeling and 2D software.

Over 7 hours of pure cybernetic techniques that will give you multiple approaches to your creations...

What's Included and Features

  • 3D Cyborg Tutorial:
    • Turn your favorite female and male characters into scary cyborgs with robotic libs or details
    • How to create cyborgs without leaving DAZ Studio
    • 2 ways of creating cyborgs
    • Creating a hole in the face effect
    • Advanced multi-layered texturing for depth effects
    • How to create depth effects that appear to be hollow, and real holes in body parts inside or outside DAZ Studio
    • Modifying body parts in external modeling software (examples in Lightwave)
    • Creating and attaching advanced movable body parts inside DAZ Studio and using external 3D modeling software such as Silo and Lightwave
    • How to make robotic body parts movable and animatable
    • Creating additional frightening body parts and hole effects using Photoshop
    • Includes 3Delight and Iray examples, as well as additional content in Lightwave, Silo and Photoshop
    • Blood and worn effects
    • Cool lighting technique lets you cast additonal shadows when using HDRI maps, perfect for enhancing your cyborg
  • Bonus: Complete scene from scratch to finish with female cyborg, using Iray and Photoshop
  • Bonus 2: Complete scene from scratch to finish with male cyborg, using Iray and Photosohp
  • Total running time: Approx 7h 15 min
  • Downloadable WMV + MP4 video in 1280 x 720 HD quality
  • 5 modules with Val Cameron from Dreamlight, bestselling DAZ 3D published artist since 2005
  • 1 module with Pierre-Marc Andrieu, professional Daz Studio artist and 3D modeler from Fly028Design


  • This product includes:
    • 4 General MP4 Installers
    • 4 General WMV Installers

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