Animation in Carrara Video Tutorials

Animation in Carrara Video Tutorials

Whether you want to produce short animated clips through to complete productions using Carrara, this course is for you. It covers not only how to accomplish various types of animation in Carrara, it also looks at the artistic considerations of what makes a great animation that can really bring your characters and your story to life!

Starting from the basics, the course takes you through the classic 12 Principles of Animation and how to apply these in Carrara, creating walk cycles and lip sync for your characters, various special animation effects and more. All presented by leading Carrara artist Phil Wilkes, the latest in his best-selling line of Carrara tutorials and based on his experience of completing commercial animation projects which have been shown around the world.

In addition to over six and a half hours of tutorials which includes as much information and guidance as possible, there are supporting scene files for all animation examples and other valuable working files including a full dynamic hair which can be used with any figure, and a collection of useful NLA Clips to use in your own projects.

The tutorials conclude by going through the creation of a complete project, from just a script through storyboarding and other pre-production tasks right through to the final presentation. A copy of the final project with sound and music is included, together with all of the scene files used to create it so you can see how it was all done.

If you have ever wanted to tell a story through creating animation with Carrara, this set of tutorials is a must have!

What's Included and Features

  • Animation In Carrara Video Tutorials (.MP4)
  • 1 - Introduction
  • 2 - Animation Basics:
    • What Can You Animate?
    • Types Of Animation
    • Creating Keyframes
    • Moving, Copying And Stretching Keyframes
    • Tweeners
    • Motion Paths
    • Creating NA Clips
    • Using NLA Clips
    • Using Inverse Kinematics (IK)
    • Using The Graph Editor
    • Frame Rates And Video Formats
    • Lighting And Rending For Animation
    • Motion Blur
    • Using Aniblocks
    • Using BVH Files
  • 3 - Mechanical Animation:
    • Object Hierarchies And Hot Points
    • Using Constraints
    • Implementing IK On A Robot Arm
    • Implementing Pistons
    • Using Target Helpers
    • Camera Animation
  • 4 - Character Animation:
    • The 12 Principles Of Animation
    • Anticipation
    • Squash And Stretch
    • Staging
    • Straight Ahead Vs Poser To Pose Animation
    • Secondary Actions
    • Follow Through And Overlapping Actions
    • Slow In And Slow Out
    • Moving In Arcs
    • Timing
    • Exaggeration
    • Solid Drawing
    • Appeal
    • Using Animation References
  • 5 - A General Approach To Animating A Scene:
    • Blocking It Out
    • Refining The Animation
    • Adding The Final Touches
  • 6 - Walks And Runs:
    • Setting Up A Character For A Walk
    • Creating A Basic Walk Cycle (3 Parts)
    • Animating The Arms And Creating An NLA clip
    • Using The Walk Clip
    • Creating A Sad Walk
    • Creating A Sexy Walk (3 Parts)
    • Creating A Run Cycle
  • 7 - Lip Sync:
    • Creating And Using Sound Files
    • Lip Sync - Acting
    • Lip Sync - Eyes And Expressions
    • Lip Sync - Mouth
    • Lip Sync - Wrap-up
    • Using Mimic For Lip Sync
  • 8 - Animation Specials:
    • Picking Something Up
    • Throwing Something
    • Replicating Animated Characters
    • Physics Animation
    • Puppeteer
    • Dynamic Hair
    • Soft Body Dynamics
    • Animated Particles
    • Plugins For Animation
  • 9 - Overview Of A Complete Animation Project:
    • Concert And Script
    • Creating A Storyboard
    • Character Design
    • Set Design
    • Recording Dialogue
    • The Animatic
    • Doing The Animation
    • Criticism And Working A Part Of A Team
    • Post-Production
    • The Final Project
    • Summary
  • Comprehensive Working Files:
    • Scene Files For All Major Animation Examples
    • Output Rendered Video Files For Major Examples
    • Full Final Project Video - "Robot's Dream"
    • All Of The Scenes Files Used To Produce The Final Project
    • A Complete Dynamic Hair Model
    • A Collection Of Useful Nla Clips
  • All Videos Presented In HD (720P) Mp4s - Use Your Favourite Playback Software.


  • This product includes:
    • 1 General Installer

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