Everyday poses 3 - The introduction

Everyday poses 3 - The introduction

50 new poses to the serie, things to notice in this release is that it is a mixture of poses for both Victoria 4 and Michael 4 and include a new couples pose
category. The package focuses mostly on Michael 4 since 34 of the poses are for him and 16 poses are for Victoria. Poses for Victoria 4 is mostly to fill some gaps that i thought was missing in the other Everyday poses 1 and 2 packages, so besides the couples category it will not introduce new ones.

The poses for Victoria 4 only is in the following categories: (13 poses in total)
Sneaking (2 poses)
Stairs - Going down (1 pose)
Standing (7 poses)
Walking (3 poses)

The poses for Michael 4 only is in the following categories: (31 poses in total)
Crawling (3 poses)
Emotions - Angry (3 poses)
Emotions - Sad (3 poses)
Running (3 poses)
Sitting - Chair (3 poses)
Sitting - Ground (6 poses)
Standing (7 poses)
Walking (3 poses)

Couple poses for both Victoria 4 and Michael 4 are the following, and can be found in the emotion category for Victoria 4: (6 poses in total)
Emotions - Hugging - M4 (3 poses)
Emotions - Hugging - V4 (3 poses)

(All couple poses have been marked with a Green dot, so its easy to see that they are part of a couple set. And will match each other numbers. For instant
Victoria 4 "Hugging end 1" will match Michael 4 "Hugging end 1")
Also there are version which are named with a "BT" which is just that they have body transform applied to them for fast setup.

General information for the Everday poses series

All poses have been created with dynamic cloth in mind, therefore all of them also have "in between" pose(s) which can be added
between the start default pose and the end pose. Since dynamic cloth is calculated through the cloth room, situations might occur where some poses might not
give good results with certain type of cloth. The between poses are only meant as a default in between pose and should be modified to suit your needs if problems occur,
if your cloth calculate fine without the in between poses there are no need to use them, they are only there to make it faster to work with the dynamic cloth.

The poses can of course also just be used normally without dynamic cloth objects.

The poses was created for victoria 4.2 however they will work fine for Victoria 4, just beaware that some minor correction of hands and fingers might be needed.
Poses for Victoria 4 might work on Michael 4 as well and vice versa. however there are no guarantee that they will be correct as the poses weren't created for that character.

Be sure that "Use inverse kinematic" in "Figure" menu is turned off before you apply the poses or weird bending and twisting can occur. After applying the poses
you can turn them on again if needed.

Software: Poser 6, Poser 7+, Daz Studio 3

Base Figures: Victoria 4, Michael 4

Digital ProductFile (1): 1.11 MB

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio