Shanda Hair for M4

Shanda Hair for M4

Needing something stylish, yet simple, handsome yet with that hint of scoundrel, the kind of hairstyle for both effortlessly sexy and rugged tiger? You need Shanda Hair by Lady Littlefox.

Come on, you know it's good.

Shanda Hair has been specially crafted for High Realism, with high resolution textures and MANY Layers of poly mesh. As such it is graphic intensive and will take time to render. Please be aware of this as this level of detail, time invested in rendering is worth it.

Shanda Hair is UVMapped using UVLAYOUT. Each strand has been laid out and spread into a rectangle to make texturing easily achieved by most artists. The individual strands have then been layered in randomized groupings to give the maximum natural effect with the minimum texture demands, saving you time and memory. There is some stretching over the individual strands however they are invisable in the overall effect. Truly she is quick to texture and a beauty to render with.

The renders of the Blonde hair were all achieved with Daz Studio, all using Sabby's "Enlighten" Light sets, at High Quality AMR Render settings.

The other renders renders were all achieved with Poser 2014, all using Sveva's Lights package at High Quality Render settings.

The Character used is Kanda by Freja.

The outfit is Notorious by Littlefox and Secretheart, available here at


  • Shanda Hair for M4 (cr2 and obj) defaults in Poser Materials.
  • 10 Individually crafted Poser Materials with their accompanying High Res Textures and Trans
  • 10 Individually crafted DS Shader Presets with their accompaying High Res Textures and Trans
  • Morph Support for: Hiro4
  • Additional 'Fit' Morphs provided for fine tuning.
Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio 4.5+
Zip Files 2 Zip Files
Requires: Michael 4
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio