The Sounds of Cyberpunk City - Atmospheres & Musics

The Sounds of Cyberpunk City - Atmospheres & Musics

Cyberpunk City - Atmospheres & Musics is specially adapted to create sound ambiances for our 3D Cyberpunk City product. 7 atmospheres & FX sounds and 3 originales musics (electro/techno style).
The sounds are delivered in two formats: .WAV (1411 bits/s) and .MP3 (320 Kbits/s). The uncompressed .WAV format will be greatly appreciated because it can be imported without loss into any software capable of importing sound.

You can pre-listen to the 10 samples of the tracks (1:28) by following the link below (quality MP3 192 Kbits/s):

- What you can do with the tracks: Incorporate into your commercial video montages, commercial video games, etc ...
- What you do not have the right to do with the tracks: Redistribute sound files alone, in any audio format, even rectified, cut, compressed, etc...

Track list:

Background 01 (02:02)
Background 02 (02:16)
EX-TYPE trip (01:26)
In the street (03:54)
Subway station atmosphere (01:41)
The speech of the hologram (03:29)
Welcome to the Cyberpunk city voice (00:02)
In the Bar sexy Pole Dance (05:31)
Robotek public performance at the Dog Club (07:00)
Welcome to the Cyberpunk city - Theme (03:33)

Requirements:  Any program that can play .wav or .mp3 audio files

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