Aerial Rendering Secrets - Video Tutorial

Aerial Rendering Secrets - Video Tutorial

Master aerial rendering in Daz Studio Iray!

Learn camera, lighting, shadow and postwork tricks that will make your sky-high renders look astonishing.

Take to the skies with Aerial Rendering Secrets - Video Tutorial.

What's Included and Features

  • Aerial Rendering Secrets - Video Tutorial (.WMV):
    • 6 Videos
    • 1h 43 min total running time
    • 1600 x 900 WMV downloadable format
  • Video 1: Intro and using the Global Illumination System
    • How to control the lighting and shadows for incredible effects
    • How to properly use the bloom effect
    • How to quickly alter the mood
    • How to use the hidden 3rd lighting component to the Iray Global Light system (besides the sun and sky)
    • Camera options and tricks for better results
    • How to set up DOF (Depth Of Field) effects the right way, and what to avoid
  • Video 2: Using HDRI maps
    • How to use any outdoor HDRI map for aerial renders
    • How to use special cloud HDRI maps
    • How to control the lighting using HDRI maps
    • How to cast shadows on underlying clouds using HDRI maps
  • Video 3: Using Static Photo Backgrounds
    • How to match the photos with the DAZ Studio camera
    • How to match the lighting
    • How to control the background and all other lighting independently
    • How to let it catch shadows (or not)
    • How to add camera Depth Of Field effects (DOF)
    • How to make sure the ground "bleeds" into the plane or aerial vehicle
    • How to zoom in the background
  • Video 4: Using Photo Backgrounds with camera freedom
    • Incredible trick lets you zoom and even rotate the camera while having the background follow your every mode
    • How to control the background using various tricks, including exactly where it ends up and how to let it catch or not catch any shadows
    • How to set up the camera Depth Of Field effects (DOF)
  • Video 5: Blending DAZ Studio planes with photos using Photoshop
    • How to render a plane in DAZ Studio and match it with a photo in Photoshop
    • How to NOT render transparency in DAZ Studio, leaving a darker edge around your objects (and how to fix it in Photoshop if you do)
    • How to make sure the edges of your DAZ Studio objects are smooth as butter
    • How have a plane partially fly behind the clouds in a photo
  • Video 6: BONUS:
    • Postwork tricks and filters for enhancing your aerial renders, including a 1990's camera filter trick that still works like a charm!

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Install Manager Manual Install