B#1 1 Click Lacey Lingerie Super Skinz-DS

B#1 1 Click Lacey Lingerie Super Skinz-DS

"B#1 1 Click Lacey Lingerie Super Skinz-DS" is a set of 5 exquisite lingerie
Super Skinz bodyglove sets. Each set is highly detailed with texture maps including bump and displacement maps. Designed for the Layered Image Editor these simple to use
bodygloves overlay onto any character that takes V4 skin with 1 click. You can stack overlays on top of each other to add more complexity. There is aboslutely no poke through no matter how your character is morphed.
Collect these Super Skinz and build a library of bodygloves that you can mix and match with other products.
Lots of choices and options make this a must have for your library and runtime.

The set includes:
Included Super Skinz styles:
· Black Lace
· Red Lace
· Blue Lace
· Pink lace
· Torn lace

Each Super Skinz Style Includes:

· 2 Full torso options:
· Full torso
· Full torso Topless/Bottomless)
· 4 Part torso options:
· Topless
· Bottomless
· Full top
· full bottom
· Garter bows
· Limbs
· Stockings
· Gauntlet
· Collar

• Poser USERS:
This is a DAZ STUDIO only product.
For the Poser Version please see my product "B#1 1 Click Lacey Lingerie Super Skinz"

Product requirements

Daz Studio 4.6
Base Figures:
Victoria 4
V4.2, or any character that takes V4 texture maps.
Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio