B#1-G3 SexyStockings Bodyglove Kit

B#1-G3 SexyStockings Bodyglove Kit

B#1-G3 SexyStockings Bodyglove Kit for Genesis 3 Female.
- Versatality and Quality set of detailed stocking bodygloves for Genesis 3 Female.
- Beautifully crafted to give detailed and rich renders.
- This set will fit any morphed character with absolutely no pokethrough.
- Textures are of the highest quality with materials that will make your renders stand out.
- If you want quality renders this is the set for you.
- All stockings use the layered image editor feature and can be stacked with one layer on top
- of the other.
- Please note, these stockings use the Genesis 3 base female uv's.
- They will work with V7 but there might be some slight seams.

- Select the base G3 uv's
- Load the base stocking or the pattern of your choice
- Load the Stocking tops
- Load the designs of your choice
- For Darker look:
- Load the base stocking
- Load the pattern of choice on top of the base stocking

B#1-G3 SexyStockings Bodyglove Kit includes:
Included files:
All are layered imaged editor stockings
- 2 Base Stockings full length Light and darker
- 2 Base ankle length Stockings Light and darker
- 12 Full length patterned Stockings
- 12 Ankle length patterned Stockings
- 1 hide side seam each for both ankle and full length patterns
- 3 Stocking tops
- 21 design overlays

Known issues:
Some patterns may have side seams.
I have included side seams to be applyed
to cover seams.

Software: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures:  Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio