Genesis 3 to Poser 11 without going into Daz Studio

Genesis 3 to Poser 11 without going into Daz Studio

"My workflow for working in Poser 11 with Genesis 3 without ever going into Daz Studio"
When Willdial released his" FREE "Genesis3PoserUpdater" and the tutorials I worked on with him in Feb. 2016, we had more than 2500 downloads of the FREE plugin in less than 1 month. This made me aware that there are a lot of artists interested in working with Genesis 3 in Poser 11.
Although the plugin and original tutorials were a huge success, I was concerned that having to go into Daz Studio and create Poser Companion files every time I wanted load clothing or poses etc. was going to be too time consuming. Yes, I too like instant gratification.
I sought a simpler way. On my journey, I discovered semidieu's Library Manager 2 and his free Daz Studio plugin. I discovered that his plugin opens directly in Poser.
and writes all of the Poser Companion files.
I found my path to "Working in Poser 11 with Genesis 3 without ever going into Daz Studio". This set of videos is my path and workflow for a simple, efficient workflow.
I have created these video as very simple short pieces so if you want to review parts it will be easy. My goal as an artist is to spend my creative time CREATING art rather than trying to figure out HOW to create art.
I have a lot of gratitude to:
· Jenn Blake Renderosity admin who encouraged me to "find the path."
· Willdial for his amazing "Genesis3PoserUpdater" that opened the door
· semidieu' for his outstanding Library Manager 2 and his free Daz Studio plugin
· Snarlygribbly for his magnificent gift of EZSkin.

I am an avid fan of Daz models. I am also a hybrid, meaning I am both a Daz Studio user and a Poser user. As an artist I appreciate both the Iray and the Poser renderer. Each is unique and different. I like both. I am so pleased that now Poser users now have the choice to create art with Genesis 3 in both Poser 11 and Daz Studio

This is a set of instructional video tutorials showing my workflow
to get Genesis 3 into Poser 11 without going into Daz Studio.
It includes:
Videos: 41 minutes
01-Intro "how to set up your folder structure
02-How to setup and use Semidieu's Shaderworks Library Manager2 and Free Daz Studio plugin
03-Expressions How to use Willdial's FREE Genesis3 to Poser plugin.
04-Character How to set up your Genesis3 character in Poser11
05-Conforming Clothing How to set up conforming clothing on Genesis 3 in Poser11
06- EZSkin3 How to to use Snarlygribbly's FREE EZSkin3 to create both firefly and Superfly SSS shaders

1 Genesis3 foot pose
1 Genesis 3 figure definition for EZSkin3
Lots of trouble shooting tips to make things fast and easy

Links page for products and plugins are in the documentation folder.

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Requirements:  mp4 video player

Compatible figures: 
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