Fabric Design Kit: East a Merchant Resource

Fabric Design Kit: East a Merchant Resource

This product will get you started creating your own unique eastern inspired fabrics for commercial or personal work. Using a simple seamless tiling fabric as the base layer you can build one of a kind fabrics using the colors and details you prefer. Because you have control over color and details you can also create as many coordinating fabrics as you wish and don't need to be limited by someone else's choices.

Kit includes-

High resolution gray base fabric to use as a foundation for your fabrics. It has a tight weave and should be suitable for silks, cottons and smooth wools. There is also a matching bump map and normal map for the included base fabric.

25 1500x1500 seamless, tiling pattern overlay files saved as png files to retain transparency. I think overlays are the most flexible thing you can have in your toolbox because they can be used in such a wide variety of ways. You can use them to easily select sections of fabric to alter and create new patterns. These patterns can be used with not just the included fabric but with any fabric and in other types of projects.

20 1500x1500 metallic overlays saved as png files to retain transparency. These were created to look as if metallic paint had been applied to the fabric and should blend in seamlessly.

Because not everyone is familiar with overlays and their uses I have included 7 psd files to get you started creating your own unique fabrics. This way you can see the techniques in action to accomplish simple tasks like color changes for the fabrics and metallics. How to create depth by doing color shifts to create two tone fabrics. Even examples of using selection and cutting to create multiple color layers.

This is a merchant resource and can be used in your personal and commercial work. You can use any tiles you create however you wish but you may not include any of the files without modification to make them your own. The bump and normal map are excluded from the need to modify them before use.

  • This product includes:
    • 1 General Installer
What's Included & Features
  • 25 1500x1500 seamless tiling patterns saved with transparency
  • 20 1500x1500 seamless tiling metalic patterns saved with transprency
  • 8 layered psd files as examples of how the patterns and fabric can be used
  • 1 gray base fabric sized 1500x1500
  • 1 Matching Bump Map 1500x1500
  • 1 Matching normal map 1500x1500
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