HiveWire Tiger

HiveWire Tiger

Required Software: Poser or DAZ Studio
Minimum required version of Poser: 11.2
Minimum required version of DAZ Studio: 4.12

With remarkable attention to detail, the HiveWire Tiger captures the lethal confidence, strength and determination of this powerful big cat.

Native to Asia and Eastern Russia, adult tigers range in size from 8 to 13 feet and 250 to 640 pounds, with female tigers usually being smaller than the males. The tiger embodies courage, independence and fierce determination.

The tiger stalking its prey is hungry, focused and lethal. When going in for the kill, the tiger turns its ears backwards showing the spot on the back of each ear which resemble eyes. These 'eyes' are the last thing the prey sees before becoming dinner. Finding "the eye of the tiger" symbolizes having confidence, great personal strength and will power with an intense and focused never-say-die attitude.

This is a detailed, realistic Tiger for the HiveWire Big Cat. Includes a realistic mane and chin hair, materials for Daz Studio (both 3 Delight and Iray) and Poser (both Firefly and Superfly), plus 9 poses. The mane has a morph to shorten or lengthen it, and there are 3 different material mane options that you can mix and match with the different lengths.

Note: Models (including LoadAll Characters) come into the scene with either Iray (DS) or Superfly (Poser) optimized materials. To render using 3Delight (DS) or Firefly (Poser), please apply desired material prior to rendering.

What's Included & Features

Figures (.obj, .cr2, .duf)
HiveWireTiger ChinHair
HiveWireTiger Mane

LoadAll Characters (.duf, .pz3)
HiveWireTigerLoadAll (Loads Big Cat with Tiger Morph on, Mane and Chin Hair, into the scene.)
DAZ Studio
HiveWireTiger (Loads Big Cat with Tiger Morph on, Mane and Chin Hair, into the scene.)

Morph INJ/REM (.pz2)
For Poser only (DAZ Studio morph is present when product is installed)
HiveWireTiger INJ
HiveWireTiger REM

Materials (.duf, .mc6)
Tiger Chin Hair
Tiger Mane 01
Tiger Mane 02
Tiger Mane 03
Render Engines
DAZ Studio - Iray and 3Delight
Poser - Superfly and Firefly

High Resolution Texture Maps
6000 x 6000 Tiger
4096 x 4096 Tiger Chin Hair
4096 x 4096 Tiger Mane
4096 x 4096 Tiger Mane Long
4096 x 4096 Tiger Mane Short

2 Base Morph
4 Partial Body Morphs
2 Partial Body Morphs
2 Mane Hair Controls
14 Corrective Morphs

Poses (.duf, .pz2)
10 Base Poses Adjusted for Tiger Morphs
Laying Down

NOTE: All of the Tiger and hair morphs are located in the body group of the Big Cat, so that you don't have to hunt and peck around trying to find the master control dials for any body part morph.

Additional Big Cat base morphs may require manual adjustments at values less than 100%, when combining with Tiger morph.

- You must load one of the Load All scene files or load the HiveWire Big Cat then use the HiveWireTiger INJ file

- Please conform the Mane and Chin Hair to the Tiger after the INJ morph file is applied, or use the included LoadAll files, which loads the Tiger, Mane Chin Hair into the scene.

The Tiger features all the control dials for each of the conforming hair figures. This allows the user to control the Mane and Chin Hair from the Big Cat, without having to select the conforming figures.

- Adjusted Base Poses are for Tiger morph and will require limits on for best results (in Poser, Figure > Use Limits).
- Some stretching of textures may occur on the inside of thighs and underside of the hip in extreme poses.
- Manual adjustment of poses may be needed if used with other morphs applied, such as the Cub.

- HiveWireTigerLoadAll, in Poser, load the Big Cat with the Tiger Morph on, Mane and Chin Hair, into the scene.

These (and the separately available hair .cr2 files) load with SuperFly Mats applied. Poser users will have to manually apply the Firefly Mats if using the Firefly render engine.

- HiveWireTiger.duf file, in DS, load the Big Cat with the Tiger Morph on, Mane and Chin Hair, into the scene.
These (and the separately available hair .duf files) load with Iray Mats applied. DS users will have to manually apply the 3Delight Mats if using the 3Delight render engine.

- There are 3 material options for the Mane. You can combine those with the Tiger Mane Length morph (Actor > Tiger Hair > Tiger Mane Morphs in the Parameter tab) to create many different mane options.

Special Thanks to CWRW, the HiveWire Beta and QAV teams, and the loyal HiveWire 3D community, for their help in the development of this figure.

Software: Poser Pro 11, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Required Products: HiveWire Big Cat

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio