HiveWire Tiger

HiveWire Tiger

With remarkable attention to detail, the HiveWire Tiger captures the lethal confidence, strength and determination of this powerful big cat. Compatible with DAZ Studio 4.12+ and Poser 11.2+.

Native to Asia and Eastern Russia, adult tigers range in size from 8 to 13 feet and 250 to 640 pounds, with female tigers usually being smaller than the males. The tiger embodies courage, independence and fierce determination.

The tiger stalking its prey is hungry, focused and lethal. When going in for the kill, the tiger turns its ears backwards, showing the spot on the back of each ear which resemble eyes. These 'eyes' are the last thing the prey sees before becoming dinner. Finding "the eye of the tiger" symbolizes having confidence, great personal strength and will power with an intense and focused never-say-die attitude.

Requires the HiveWire Big Cat.

This is a detailed, realistic Tiger for the HiveWire Big Cat. Includes a realistic mane and chin hair, materials for Daz Studio (both 3 Delight and Iray) and Poser (both Firefly and Superfly, plus 9 poses. The mane has a morph to shorten or lengthen it, and there are 3 different material mane options that you can mix and match with the different lengths.

Note: Models (including LoadAll Characters) come into the scene with either Iray (DS) or Superfly (Poser) optimized materials. To render using 3Delight (DS) or Firefly (Poser), please apply desired material prior to rendering.

SKU 12097
Compatible Figures HiveWire Big Cat
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.12+, Poser 11.2+
Release Date Aug 11, 2020
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3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio