Honey Lemon for Genesis 8 Female

Honey Lemon for Genesis 8 Female

Whoo! Now that's a chemical reaction!

This product contain Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6 for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female, full outfit, bag and, bodysuit. Also her hair with a headband!

This product contain:

- Honey Lemon for Genesis 8 and 8.1 as separated scene subsets.
(Full equipped with Helmet, Glasses and Hair adjusted for the character)

- Honey Lemon Body and Head Morphs apply and remove preset
(Morphs: DUM Honey Lemon Head / DUM Honey Lemon Body)

- Honey Lemon Eyebrows

- Honey Lemon Hair (The headband is part of the hair)
+ 10 materials for the headband as show in promotion
+ The hair is low polygon product but you can improve the quality by applying SubD
+ The default hair opacity it's 0.5 you may need increase if you're planning on using backlights.
+ The hair comes with 3 bones on the back part for small adjustment
+ 5 Morphs for extra adjustment including "Helmet" to adjust the hair under the Helmet.

- Honey Lemon Skin
+ 10 Makeup Options
+ 10 Lipstick Options

- Honey Lemon Armor (Armor and Skirt as one object)
+ The skirt part is Dforce ready it will work best with "Start Bones From Memorized Pose: On" (Simulation Settings)

- Honey Lemon Bag
+ It's paired to the "Upper Chest" and has 3 bones for the strap, the bag and the little door as shown in the promotion.
(IMPORTANT: The balls are just basic primitives with emission, not included)
+ The periodic table is an emissive.

- Bodysuit for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8.1 Female (The main difference is that 8.1 doesn't have the neck part)
+ They have a detail only visible on Iray, it doesn't perfectly match the lines from different surfaces but it's does the trick.
+ To change the detail color on Surface change the value of "Diffuse Overlay Color".

- Glasses
+ They are pretty simple and designed to fit G8, if you apply to her or another character you need to move it a bit, they are inside the head and can be freely moved.
+ They come with only one material but changing the color is a simple as selecting the frame (Body) surface and change "Diffuse Overlay Color" values.

- Helmet
+ The helmet comes with a morph to open the glass.
+ It contains 2 bones on each of the hears to rotate them freely.
(It also paired with the character head so it's easy to adjust for different character, in Honey Lemon example I used it at 95% scale)

- Shoes
+ The shoes apply the feet position 75% Left and Right Foot Heeled Shoe.

- Complete Outfit Materials
+ Just as the previous product (Gogo Tomago) this Outfit comes with the materials related to the other characters in the movie.
+ To apply simple select the character then the material you want.

(The other outfit used on the promotions is "Cardigan Dress Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)" with custom textures)

Everything comes with 2K to 4K high quality textures to enhance your renders.

Install directory:
People/Genesis 8 Female/Characters/Dumitas/Honey Lemon

The file comes ready to install using Install Manager to make it easy to uninstall or change location, you can also install in manually using free tools such as 7-Zip. (Install Manager Guide : https://www.renderhub.com/forum/4129/daz-how-to-use-install-manager-dim )

If you notice any errors or have any suggestions, feel free to send me a direct message. I'm always available to respond and will do my best to address any issues. Thank you for your input!

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